Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation Download Free

Publication: 1997
Developer: Holistic Design Inc

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 2GB
Execution: v2.0.0.4 [New Version]

Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation Can be attributed to isometric wargames and tactical turn-based strategies. The project is not based on the usual board game, but on its larger variant. It offered to control not individual units, but entire armies. The video game adaptation will do the same. There is an opportunity to fight with bots on 3 difficulty levels or live opponents in multiplayer. The campaign is also running.

The plot tells the story of the Empire’s struggle against Orcs in the distant future. The story is told through videos with live actors. In Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation, combat takes place on the surface of Volistad. There, Scroll assembled an army from the orc tribes of Cosmos. In the role of supreme commander, the player must cleanse the planet of xenos. He is invited to command the space paratroopers of the Ultramarines Chapter and the Imperial Guard. Their forces consist of three regiments: the Talarans, the Mordians, and the Katchans. The user commands the infantry and vehicles consisting of artillery, armored vehicles, aircraft, etc. p. All soldiers and vehicles are exactly like the original table figures. There is a built-in encyclopedia with detailed information on each unit.

The player fights for control of the provinces. They generate income and with the money you can call in reinforcements from orbit. In combat, you can command infantry to entrench and vehicles to destroy buildings. All fighters, including crews, gain experience in duels, and then begin to fight better. There is a moral scale. If the enemies destroy too many people in the unit, the remaining members may try to flee the battlefield.

Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation screenshots:

Download Warhammer Epic 40000: Final Liberation on PC for free

Size: 605MB. Execution: v2.0.0.4 [New Version]

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