• Sharing peace and Love, through Gaming.

  • True peace is built over time, with many different approaches that move into lasting Peace.

  • Video games heal South Sudan from the pain of war.

  • Children want games to play not wars to slay!

    Children are born into war with no path for a peaceful future and picture is for our salaam game art.

  • Meet our game characters from South Sudan

  • PeaceTech Accelerator

    The PeaceTech Accelerator is the first major international peacetech program powered by cloud innovation and dedicated to scaling start-ups around the world.

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We are crowdfunding for our games
In addition to supporting us in developing our next title, your help will enable our production and distribution of our existing board games to the refugee camps and IDPs camps in South Sudan.

About JGs

Why using games for Peace?
Junub Games uses gaming to build bridges between communities and enhance peaceful behaviour and In places like South Sudan in particular, educational games can be the best tool to help divert youth from destructive activities

salaam game

About and how to play salaam game
can be played on Android phones; you can play By tapping on the screen, players draw a heart of love that destroys the tools of war and earns them the name of peacemaker.


get to know our board and card game
“Negative cards like War can be countered with positive words like Peace.The goal of the game is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible, and the winner of the game is crowned ‘Peacemaker