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The first game Studio and Community founder in South Sudan. Developing Video games and board games 4 peace building , conflict resolution and boosting the games industries in S.Sudan

Why Games?

“Gamification” seems to be an effective teaching tool, a means of communicating knowledge, and training. It is even used by companies and large corporations to train employees in new procedures and policies. So, why wouldn’t games be similarly useful in training and communicating ways of peaceful coexistence?

Games for Peace

True peace is built over time, with many different processes and approaches that
move Peace into lasting, peaceful relationships. It requires action at many different
levels, by different people, in different ways, and at different points in a conflict.



This is such a great cause. Not only does it offer an opportunity to change the perspectives of war-ravaged youth, but it is an entirely new, positive, community-building approach to video gaming. Out with violence; in with peace and compassion!


San Diego California

Sally P. Hardwick, MS

“In the digital age, such innovative ways of using video games to bring the youth together are quite effective in dispute resolution and will go a long way in giving the young people who are usually misused by warlords a new approach to conflict and conflict resolution,” said Dr. Boaz Alutsa from the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies at the University of Nairobi who has worked in South Sudan in the field of conflict resolution.


Dr. Boaz Alutsa

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Become what you play: South Sudanese man creates games for peace