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Publication: 2022
Developer: Vestaria project

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz
Graphic: Intel HD3000
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 1.5GB
Steam Ratings:
Very positive | 69 – 92% of the 69 user reviews are positive.
Game version: Version 1.13.6 (57591)

Vestaria Saga 2: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister continues the storyline of the first part. The sequel is again about a protagonist named Zade. The sequel concludes the storylines of the main character and some of his companions. But before the end, the hero must meet old friends, find new allies, uncover the conspiracy and so on. His main enemies here are the Margulites, who want to plunge Vestaria into a new age of darkness. The narrative here is non-linear. Sometimes options are given here, which affects further development and the ending. For those who didn’t pass the original, there is a brief retelling of the main events. The title was originally released in Japanese. Later, the developers translated their creation into other languages ​​and revised the difficulty.

It is a Japanese role-playing game and turn-based tactics. Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister mimics the early installments of the Fire Emblem series. Gameplay is very similar here (except there is no weapon triangle, but some weapons are more effective against certain units). The second part offers challenging maps, battles resembling puzzles. As the game progresses, the size of the locations increases. Users can hire 30 characters that differ from each other in classes, skills and equipment. Which one of them makes it to the end also decides the final. The protagonist can also recruit certain opponents into his ranks. To do this, we must reduce the health of these fighters to a minimum. Among the innovations, the ability to chat with team members to improve their statistics can be highlighted. Soldiers can also swing the old-fashioned way when attacking or using abilities. The creators have also allowed players to save each move. This means they don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes on the battlefield. This feature can help casual users because here all fighters die forever.

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Size: 1.24GB. Game version: Version 1.13.6 (57591)

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