Top 8 Playstation 2 games still worth playing today

Sony has never been lazy about development, from the manufacture of the PlayStation 1 to the manufacture of the PlayStation 5, which impresses us with its performance and development. Despite the tremendous development that Sony has reached in the manufacture of PlayStation devices, the rest of the old versions of the PlayStation still have a special taste for many people, and among those devices that have become one of the oldest devices for Sony is the PlayStation 2, which is still a broad category. Many people play constantly, so in this article, we will introduce you to the best PlayStation 2 games that have gained wide popularity among users over the generations.

1. Resident Evil 4

The idea of ​​playing, in a nutshell, is that there were three scientists in a city who were doing some research and experiments on humans in order to develop the genes for humans, but those experiments failed and each of these scientists took a different direction in order to reach a conclusion that turned The people in that town have turned into zombies and seek revenge, and your task is to go out on a secret mission to save that city and get the rest of the humans out unharmed in an atmosphere full of mysterious, suspicious and most exciting events where it remains trapped throughout the adventure.

Some features of Resident Evil 4 on PS 2

  • It has high-quality graphics and realistic graphics to live that adventure as if you were inside the game.
  • There are a lot of missions, adventures and fun stages that you have to pass all of them.
  • You can control the game with ease and you will not find any complications while playing.
  • There are a lot of different weapons that you can use and that is why it is among the best PlayStation 2 games.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Freedom

The game was released in 2007 and the game revolves around social engineering, information control and political conspiracies, which won the admiration of many users, some even described it as a masterpiece and a great example of the best computer games of its time, and whose idea was to develop a Metal Gear weapon by members of the Philatherope Organization for the benefit of the American Marines Where the hero succeeds in infiltrating the ship in order to photograph that weapon and reveal the involvement of mayonnaise in developing a secret weapon, after which the events follow.

Some features of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Freedom on PS 2

  • The game has sold more than 7 million copies, and it is considered one of the best PlayStation 2 games, with a rating of 95%.
  • There are hints from the game from the movie Titanic where the ship will eventually crash and there is a love story between the heroes of the story
  • You can download the game completely free of charge without having to pay any fees for downloading it.

3. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best PlayStation 2 games because the game provides you with a fun atmosphere full of excitement and suspense where you can control everything inside the game, where you can steal and drive all the cars you want that will meet you in the streets in addition to that you can fly planes around the city You will never get bored because you can do many things in the game.

Some features of Grand Theft Auto III on PS 2

  • The game contains a lot of weapons that you can buy for free, whether they are regular weapons or heavy and advanced weapons.
  • You can fight people passing on the roads and take money and weapons from them, and people who drive cars can be stopped and taken for yourself.
  • The game has very high graphics and this is what distinguishes the game from other games.

4. PES 2020

The game pes 2020 is one of the best PlayStation 2 games. There are many people waiting every year for the updates that are made to the game and enjoy those updates and new features where you can download them and play all the games you want and in all clubs, whether Arab or foreign clubs, the game was developed by Before Komani in 2019, it was characterized by high graphics, the graphical improvements that were made to the game, and this is what distinguishes it and makes it among the best PlayStation 2 games, due to its high accuracy, which reached 4k, and many clubs have been added, such as Al-Ahly Club, Al-Sadd, and the Saudi Federation.

Some features of the game pes 2020 on PS 2

  • The game is characterized by high-quality graphics, both in the forms of players, stadiums and all fans.
  • You are in complete control of creating your own team to play and win tough matches.
  • The game contains a very advanced feature, which is specific to committing violations or when scoring goals.
  • You can download the game completely free of charge which allows you to move within the matches with ease.

5. Burnout 3 takedown

The game is one of the best racing games ever, as some describe it as one of the most beautiful video games that had the ability to attract the attention of its reviewers, and it won the British Academy Games Awards. Discount out your way.

Some features of burnout 3 takedown on PS 2

  • It is one of the best PlayStation 2 games to be developed continuously.
  • Special tools for visiting speed were added in this version, which gave the game a better look.
  • You can attack your opponents and knock them off the track to win that round.
  • In order to win the round, you must beat 5 people, which increases your enthusiasm for the game.

6. Silent Hill 2

The story of the game revolves around a man who comes from a town to search for his wife on a dangerous mission where he faces some puzzles and fights terrifying monsters in an atmosphere full of tension and fear in a haunted town, and sometimes you have to run better than hibernation and fighting in order to preserve your life and you will meet some obstacles within the game And the maze in the streets to search for clues that lead them to finish that mission and there are many very dangerous monsters next to you.

Some of Silent Hill 2 features on PS 2

  • Feel the wonderful atmosphere inside the game if you are a fan of horror and suspense games.
  • The game is very terrifying, so I do not recommend it to people who are weak-hearted and unable to face these dangers.
  • There are a lot of puzzles and clues that you have to discover and solve to get the job done.
  • In this article, we have shown you a wonderful package of the best PlayStation 2 games that you can enjoy playing through your PlayStation 2, choose from that list and start the adventure.

7. God of War II

The God of War series began its long career with the first part on PS2 and many expected at the time that we would not see another part before the new PS3 arrived. However, Sony had a different opinion, and released God of War II on the PlayStation 2, after it became larger, bloodier, fierce and – strangely – better visually.

This game introduced a bunch of new abilities to our hero Kratos and now he can swing Indiana Jones-style from certain points and can use the wings he captured from Icarus. Besides engaging in devastating battles with the gods of the ancient Greeks.

8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Vice City took it upon itself to improve every aspect of GTA 3 after it, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas took over and expanded it tremendously. Not only could you explore the whole city, but you had the entire state teeming with small towns and long stretches of wilderness, filled with interesting geography to navigate.

The game does not tell the story of a traditional Mafia boy, you take on the role of Carl CJ Johnson, a character who has a family of recipes, and needs to exercise, among other interests. It is a full-fledged fantasy crime-life simulation game.

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