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Share: 2015
Developer: Norware AB

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T9600 2.8GHz
Storage: 2GB
Storage: 200MB
Steam Ratings: Very positive (731) 93% of the 731 user reviews for this game are positive.
Execution: v Update 56 | Early Access

Fear of space beasts shows what happens when you mix a first-person shooter and a roguelike. All maps are randomly generated. The process of creating a location can be influenced by various settings. If the character dies, the race must be restarted. The indie project allows 2-4 users to play together from a PC via a split screen. You can also run online with friends or have fun alone.

In Space Beast Terror Fright, each player is given control of a Space Marine armed with a shotgun or automatic rifle. You must extract valuable data from the ship and then blow it up. All spaceships in this game are infested with hostile alien life forms. Shooting of all evil spirits takes place in narrow and dark corridors illuminated by gun shots for a few seconds. Control over free space plays an important role. To prevent the creatures from entering from behind, the doors must be closed and welded behind you.

In this game, users not only see the hands of their protégés, but also their helmets. The entire surface is displayed on glass. Marines can randomly find upgrades for their weapons and gadgets while exploring starships. One of the key devices is a motion scanner. Security robots can also be found at locations. When activated, they help humans eliminate waves of opponents. After collecting all the necessary information, you must turn off the reactor’s cooling and leave the ship within 90 seconds. After resetting the timer, it will self-destruct. In addition to the main salvage mode, there are 2 additional ones. Almost everything is the same in Rescue, except that instead of data mining, it is proposed to rescue civilians. Deathmatch is a classic fight of life and death, in which each participant fights for himself.

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Size: 359MB. Execution: v Update 56 | Early Access

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