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Share: 2018
Developer: Pixel quality games

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: 2GHz
Graphic: AMD / NVIDIA card, 1GB
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 2GB
Steam Ratings: Mixed (569) 66% of the 569 user reviews for this game are positive.
Execution: v 1.1.10

IN Project AURA Earthlings are facing the consequences of global warming. The water level rose so much that it completely wiped dry land from the face of the planet. It is good that people foresaw an ecological catastrophe for a long time and managed to build bunkers. The settlers were put into a cryogenic sleep until the danger passed. The player’s task is to wake up the survivors and rebuild civilization.

The water world is divided into 5 companies:

  • Conservatives – A powerful faction hidden under a protective dome and rich in resources, they breed seaworms;
  • Eco – wants to save the planet and find out the causes of the catastrophe, owns the tidal infrastructure;
  • Neo Industrial – mainly develops industry and trade with the help of a backup workshop;
  • Cosmos – tries to leave the flooded space and find a new home among the stars, uses a supercomputer;
  • Neutral – the Ark of Life, the organization that saved the remains of humanity, a new center of political and economic influence, the user will receive 2 random technologies.

In the game Project AURA the player chooses one of the factions and gets their technologies. Next you need to wake up the wards, monitor their nutrition and health. Workers collect garbage that is floating around. The material is used to rebuild the base and achieve its ideological goals.

Organizations have markets: Neocon, Eco, Hi-Tech, and Cosmos. There is a reputation system in trading. In order to get the companies of the company, you must get his promissory note. For this, partnerships are pumped by completing quest chains. However, tasks are only assigned by 4 factions, with the exception of the neutrals.

The interactions between bases play a big role in gameplay. Everyone has their own enemies here. By converging with one side, the user automatically becomes the enemy of the other. By constructing allied buildings on their platform, the user gets a bonus for partnerships and worsens the situation with competitors.

Project AURA screenshots:

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Size: 491MB. Execution: v 1.1.10

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