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Publication: 2022
Developer: Basti games

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1GHz
Graphic: Geforce 9800GTX+
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 1GB
Game version: Version 1.0 [New Version]

Lone Fungus transports users to a fantasy world where they must take control of the last surviving humanoid fungus. The game is a classic metroidvaniya in which you need to explore the open world, improve your character, encounter dangers and monsters, and discover the mysteries of the universe created by mushrooms. Users can visit 8 unique regions that can be freely explored. In the locations, you can find relics, emblems, and upgrades that improve the protagonist’s health.

The hero in Lon Fungus will face obstacles in the landscape and monsters while fighting with his sword. Come out to create spells and creatively solve problems in battle. The game has 4 difficulty levels and game mechanics of battles in the style of platformer Celeste. In battle, you can parry attacks, deflect flying projectiles at enemies, etc. Discovered on the map “Emblems” и “Relics” (more than 35 varieties) allow you to create unique builds based on the combat abilities of the carried items: healing , additional protection, attack improvement, a vortex for reflecting grenades, etc.

During the passage, users will face 21 bosses while exploring the dark dungeons. Each leader has their own tactics and multiple attack phases. To practice before battle, players can try tutorial levels. Also available for testing are Assist-Mode (6 flexible game settings), Platforming Pause (tactical pause during the pass), Magic Platforms (simplification of trials with jumps), Worldmap Hints (tips on the world map), Stronger Sword (increases sword damage). ), Infinite MP (infinite magic) and Invincibility (immortality).

Lone Fungus Screenshots:

Download Lone Fungus on PC for free

Lone mushroom logo

Size: 359.09MB. Game version: Version 1.0 [New Version]

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In very rare cases there is a password to the archive. When you come across it, the password is: 1122


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