Island Domination Download Free

Publication: 2021
Developer: gentle waves

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
Processor: 2.4GHz dual core
Graphic: 1GB
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 12GB
Execution: Complete last release

island domination – An adventure shooter whose events begin when the director of a large biomedical company offers what appears to be a simple contract. It’s about returning two laptops from the same military base. Carl the Mercenary has been through worse, so he’ll take the job as soon as he gets it. After sneaking into a closed area, you must destroy all the soldiers guarding the territory of the two devices.

The Hero of Island Domination can use three weapons: for close-range confrontation, medium-range and long-range cannons. It is able to slow down time for a moment, which allows you to aim quickly and shoot accurately. You can switch between first and third person at any time. BioDomination Incorporation is a world-renowned company engaged in the development of biological weapons. However, some secret blueprints have been stolen that must be restored at all costs.

Employers promise to pay a hefty sum if these units return to base. You must get to a remote island with no witnesses. So you can act in the open and kill everyone at random. It is desirable to eliminate all targets so that in no case can information about what happened be spread beyond this continent. You can act both stealthily and openly using the entire set of Carl’s outfit.

Island Domination Screenshots:

Download Island Domination on PC for Free

Main logo of the island rulership

Size: 7.24GB. Execution: Complete last release

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