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Publication: 2021
Developer: pocket trap

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core i5 8
Graphic: Intel HD3000
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 1GB
Steam Ratings:
Very positive 96% of 142 reviews positive.
Execution: Version 1.5 (49555) [New Version]

Dodgeball Academy combines an arcade sports game with an RPG. The action focuses on Otto. This boy comes to an academy that teaches the game of dodgeball. An aspiring athlete must go about their daily business, assemble their team, meet friends, make enemies, learn local secrets, and become a champion. The story is divided into 8 chapters. In addition to the story campaign, there is the option of playing two people on one PC. No co-op. Players can only compete against each other.

In other localizations, the title is “Bouncer Academy”. It is available to explore an open location. More fun as you progress through the storyline. New cards will be revealed over time. You can chat with characters, complete side quests, take classes, participate in mini-games, and search for hidden chests with loot. Tutorial mode is available. When it’s on, the dialogs will show the words in two languages ​​to choose from.

But the main game revolves around sports fun. However, the process is slightly different from the traditional “dodgeball”. Here you have to throw balls at your opponents to lower their HP bar. As soon as your opponent runs out of health, he leaves the field or joins the protagonist. Competitions take place in real time. As a reward for winning matches, you receive food that you have to use to heal yourself. Every player has their own taste. The more the hero likes a certain food, the stronger its effect will be. Students awaken hidden powers after touching a magical artifact. Gradually, the hero and his teammates become more and more powerful. As the hero grows fond of a certain food and learns new tricks to heal his teammates, they will gradually become pumped up and trained in new techniques: attack rolls, healing teammates, etc. п. In order to use these skills, you must wait for the special gauge to fill up.

Dodgeball Academia Screenshots:

Download Dodgeball Academia on PC for Free

Dodgeball Academia main logo

Size: 377MB. Execution: Version 1.5 (49555) [New Version]

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