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Developer: Master Designer Software

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 10MB
Execution: v1.0 (20796) [New Version]

Defender of the Crown Transports users to the mid-11th century. In the story England is attacked by the Normans. The situation is aggravated by the death of the king. This led to different factions wanting to fight for control of the state. User fights on the side of the Saxons. Allies can betray the player.

The title can be classified as a turn-based strategy game. To win in the game you must subdue all Norman castles. Defender of the Crown offers a variety of characters. There are 4 in total. The first hero excels as a leader, the second is good with a sword, the third is skillful on horseback, and the fourth does not excel in anything special. He has all three skills available, but is inferior to the other three knights.

Events unfold on a strategic map. It is divided into provinces. They allow you to hire troops. Money is made in two ways. They can collect taxes from the residents and plunder. The player can become entangled in this product. Then you have to spend an impressive sum to redeem yourself. There is also a non-linearity. You don’t have to send an army to get the land you’re interested in. You can challenge the owner to a knight’s duel and take the enemy’s land if you succeed. You can also use it to conduct sieges and capture enemy soldiers.

Defender of the Crown Screenshots:

Download Defender of the Crown on PC for Free

Size: 39MB. Execution: v1.0 (20796) [New Version]

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