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There are not many developers who are looking for something new to add to their fighter plane games. I can make several attempts at this path on the fingers of one hand such as Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Star Wars Squadrons as well as Subdivision Infinity.

Today’s game Chorus does not add anything new in this regard in terms of narration style and emotional motivation to try this genre again, but in terms of formulating a simulation experience of this type on the new generation platforms, there is no better than it at the current stage.

The game this time depends heavily on the player in the first place and gives him a wide amount of options and abilities with which he can customize his experience as he wants, and an unprecedented smoothness of movement through deep space.


Chorus is really a sign of what the new generation can offer to this type of game, especially in the movement and visual aspects, but it could have benefited a little bit from some innovation in structuring the missions and transforming the narrative that seems to have been some effort, to come out in a picture that really grabs our attention.

Chorus is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Stadia. (Tested on Xbox Series X/S)

The story of Chorus

The story of Chorus revolves around Nara, a woman who is escaping from her traumatic past, which is closely intertwined with a crazy religious sect called the Circle. But Nara was not a victim of this sect, she was the first candidate to be their chief, and she also worked by using many mysterious abilities and strange tools to enslave humans and destroy all the forces that dared to oppose the circle throughout the galaxy in a horrific genocide that changed the course of life on many planets.

Nara’s brute will be not destined to last, as she later awakened from the darkness of cruelty, and escaped from the clutches of the circle to hide in a solar system forgotten by all. However, her guilt is not easily forgiven, because the tentacles of the Circle reach everywhere, which is why Nara finally returns to finish what she started and confront her old allies and her past, with the help of Forsaken… the conscious spacecraft that Nara has engaged in annihilation campaigns, in which she will spend all her playing time in confrontations A fierce spaceship with the vehicles of Circle elements and their allies.


A few hours of gameplay is enough to understand the gameplay in Chorus, which is the maturity of space shooters and fighter planes. There is unmistakable harmony and unprecedented freedom to fly the aircraft in zero-gravity, and the aircraft’s conscious engines and weapons respond with exhilarating precision and reactivity.


The game provides you with three main weapons, which are machine guns, rocket launchers, and laser pulses, each of which has a special use. Weapons must be used carefully and take into account the high temperatures that govern the use of some weapons at certain times, as well as the types of enemies that are not suitable with all types of weapons.


In fact, the game contains a good variety of dangers, challenges and enemies such as fast ships and huge fleets equipped with defensive systems, there are approximately ten different types of enemies that you will encounter during the campaign that lasts 10 hours or a little more, as well as elite bosses who each have unique characteristics Weaknesses that must be exploited well to win.

Defeating enemies requires not only strength but also the skill of acrobatic driving and the clever use of the elements of the environment also play an important role in determining the course of the battles and the degree of speed at which the player drives and the type of weapons he uses.

Main Missions

The remarkable diversity between the main and secondary missions will prompt the player to perform completely different performances on the plane depending on the type of mission, such as sprints, rescue missions, recovering valuables, and temporary targets.

Side Quests


The side quests also support the writing of the side characters and expand the narrative a bit, but we can’t say that the narration was what pulls us to complete one task after another, but the great credit is due to the ritual abilities that give us some unusual properties to use in combat, and they are brilliantly inserted Within the context of the story itself and its connection to the dark forces that control the fate of the entire galaxy.

Ritual abilities

The Perception Ritual for example allows you to analyze the area to find useful resources, the Hunting Ritual allows you to use a lightning-fast time jump to where the enemy is, and then there is the Bow Ritual which allows you to make standard manoeuvres and deflections without any technical hurdles.

In some missions, you will also command an advanced type of ship, which comes with some special methods and rituals that help you push the enemies away, penetrate the enemy ranks quickly, and other things that can be said to give a strategic aspect to the battles and depend heavily on giving more freedom Command the player and test his overall consciousness throughout the battle all the time instead of focusing on brute force.

Difficulty levels

On the other hand, this means that Chorus is aimed specifically at professionals of this type of game, who tirelessly sweep the entire map, but have four difficulty levels that can be switched at any time (other than the permanent mode from which there is no return) helps in Adjust the level of experience according to the skill level of the player.

Game world

The world is also not open in the literal sense, but it consists of five large regions that can be moved between them at any time with the feature of fast-moving, or through wormholes that will give you a better look at the enchanting panorama of distant planets and cosmic groups that fill our eyes with fascination and appreciation continuously.

Space exploration

Space exploration is a huge part of the fun you’ll have with the game, and fortunately, this doesn’t take much time due to the almost non-existent loading times on new generation platforms. There is also a Photo Mode for photography and scenic enthusiasts because there are a lot of them here, and there are many stations that the player will use to perform offensive and defensive upgrades on the Forsaken ship and improve its performance by using armour and belongings to inflict more damage on enemies or reduce temperatures. The options available are many and there is a wide variety of how the player can use them to create the perfect structure for their own fighter plane.

My personal opinion about Chorus

While there are many options and means available to customize the player experience with Chorus, most of our issues with the game lie in the poor writing of the main and side quests directions, which caused us to get lost most of the time, not to mention the inaccuracy of the scanning feature in determining the next destination or item to look for. to complete the task.

A lot of the game elements don’t look distinct from asteroids, meteors, etc., which makes the search and combat operations more complicated and annoying, and sometimes we fail the same mission some times until we learn what to actually do because of the explanation of the mission does not explain the intent of the goal carefully.

Other than that, and as we mentioned before, don’t look for an attractive or distinctive story in this game. The story is very predictable and the way it is told does not make you look for more to quench your thirst for knowledge. If you are just looking for a good space plane gaming experience, Chorus will undoubtedly be our first choice in this regard.

The soundtrack manages to convey the epic of the galactic battles wonderfully, and the vocal performance is also excellent in most cases, especially in the dialogues that take place between Nara and the conscious plane, so do not worry that you will lose your immersion in the atmosphere of the experience, but treat it as an enjoyable experience and do not look for more It is about the style of narration and the surprises that it carries.

Game review summary

Chorus is a good space shooter that tries to combine stunning scenery with outstanding movement performance. The game contains some good ideas but it does not succeed in presenting it in a way that attracts players to delve into the experience away from wanting to experience a technical shift in games of this genre. If you are looking for an experience like this with multiple difficulties and a good set of fighting options, then this game will be the perfect choice for you.

Chorus game Pros and Cons


  • Streamline and elegance in kinetic performance and fast manoeuvres.
  • Great performance and stunning optics on new generation platforms.
  • Remarkable variety in the nature of main and side missions.


  • The narrative style is weak and unattractive.
  • Many of the mission destinations are vague, especially the side quests.
  • Not much value for return.


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