Al-Qadim: The Genies Curse Download Free

Publication: 1994
Developer: Cyberlore Studios

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 10MB
Execution: Version 1.0 (28043) [New Version]

main character Al-Qadim: The Curse of Genius – a young corsair who embarks on a deadly journey to clear his own family’s surname and save his beloved. At the beginning of the story, the central character appears as a man who has just completed an apprenticeship. He is engaged to the caliph’s daughter. One day, she and her father are caught in a hurricane on a ship, throwing the bride overboard.

Corsair and his family are accused of being shipwrecked, resulting in the protagonist having to save a girl and restore his family’s honor. The walkthrough has several main quests. To save your parents and sister from execution you have to do the dirty work. The protagonist must figure out who will free the jinn from their masters’ captivity as they blow darkness and inflict terror on the common denizens. The main goal is to investigate Jinn’s curses and save the bride-to-be by finding her somewhere in the wide world.

The walkthrough begins immediately as the user does not have to select a class, race, or starting character abilities. As you progress, you can change your own weapons and armor, or permanently upgrade your starting sword, which works at all stages of the journey. Experience is gained through battles and various quests. Levels are exchanged for experience points to increase health and the ability to acquire new combat skills. The fight is presented in real time. The Ward can dodge, parry, counter, and strike in a variety of ways.

Al-Qadim: The Genies Curse Screenshots:

Download Al-Qadim: The Genies Curse on PC for Free

Size: 74MB. Execution: Version 1.0 (28043) [New Version]

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