Be your brothers keeper: Interviewing Nathanl Blessed

We had a great interview with Nathanl Blessed nominees Junub Games Peace Award and now the Peace ambassador here is a quick questions and answer.

Qn. How did you get to know about the contest

Ans. Strides of hope foundation. Uganda Through the director / founder of strides of hope foundation. sohope. Mr. Olong franko Tusingwire (Fot).

Qn. What do you feel inspired your participation 

Ans.Yeah as a youth I have direction and passion to go my life , am born again christian and i know God my creator has a purpose of my life to see that people live in harmony in the society, so when I heard about the theme of the game I saw abig platform to talk to my brothers of a good message as far as peace is a strong thing for life.

Qn. How did this campaign impact the youth around you?

Ans.First and foremost I got to know what’s happening in the community of my brothers and sisters in south Sudan and not only that but even the concern the youth fellows from south Sudan and many were responding towards the call and I learnt to be concerned to your brothers and even God says be your brothers keeper.

Above I learnt to love you people with and in prayer. Now around my place some members didn’t know about international peace day awards, junub games, Screen of rights and sohope but now they are so much following and I believe many people where so much directed in their minds and spirit to advocate for peace anywhere.

Qn. What is the role of the youth in church in the peace building process?

Ans.The youth figure is an influence dial. So when a youth eye of purpose in life and development is opened, then it will be the light for the rest to follow and as far as building is personal it will work with one on one and above loving them and praying for them.


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