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Publication: 2017
Developer: wildfire games

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1GHz
Graphic: 128MB
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 2GB
Execution: v Alpha 25 Yauna

events 0 AD Developed in the year zero AD gameplay is real time strategy. Players take control of civilizations beginning in 500 BC. And try to get to 1 AD. At the same time, you must collect resources, build settlements, train your army and destroy the armies of opposing factions.

Gameplay is based on historical accuracy. The names of units, nations, settlements and many other elements of the project fully correspond to reality. Special units called heroes are available. They correspond to their real historical models. Mechanics inspired by the Age of Empires series. There are 4 types of resources: food (berries, hunting, fishing, livestock and farming), wood (cutting trees), stone (quarries), and metal (mine deposits). Each resource is needed for a specific purpose: train armies, build walls and towers, craft weapons, etc. You can build city centers, shipyards, and warehouses. There is a treasure on the territory, which you can find if you carefully explore the locations.

Units are divided into warriors and workers. Warrior units consist of foot soldiers, spearmen, archers, siege specialists, cavalry units and heroes. Workers include women, doctors, merchants, lumberjacks, etc. IN 0 AD You can build different types of ships: military, merchant and fishing ships. The town consists of a center, mansions, paddocks, houses, stables and other buildings.

The warring parties are the Celtic tribes (British and Gauls), the Hellenistic states (Athens and Sparta), the Diadochi (Macedonia, the Seleucid State and the Ptolemies) and the Selves (Carthage, the Iberian tribes, the Mauryan Empire, the Persians) . , the Roman Republic and the Cushites). The modes are Scenario, Random Map, Battle and Multiplayer. A map editor is available with a variety of tools.

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Size: 1.23GB. Execution: v Alpha 25 Yauna

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