Zeus: Master of Olympus Download Free

Zeus: Master of the Olympus Game

Share: 2001
Developer: Impressions games

Operating system: Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Processor: Pentium 166MHz
Graphic: 2MB
Memory: 32MB
Storage: 188MB
Execution: v2.0

Project Zeus: Master of Olympus Played in the best traditions of the genre in terms of core mechanics and gameplay principles. Here the user can delve into city planning during the time of Ancient Greece, with all of the following features. Depending on the campaign you choose, end goals may vary and players should adapt to achieve maximum progress. The more complex the task, the more small steps are necessary to implement it and controlling resources becomes more important than ever in this case. In addition, special attention is paid to the basic principles on which the gameplay is based.

Basic principles of the game “Zeus: Master of Olympus”:

  • Population Support – In order to successfully achieve the goals, it is necessary to provide people with food, which will be distributed via Agora.
  • Form an army – to form an army, it is necessary to build a palace next to which the units will be stationed. Depending on the type of residents and their number, the size of the army can vary.
  • Influence of the gods – by fulfilling the necessary conditions on their part, the user receives a blessing, at the expense of which certain life parameters increase (e.g. defense, amount of raw materials or food).

Diplomacy is an important development factor. So every city on the map is open to land or sea trade. To do this, it is enough to build a port or post that will become a place for transactions. The Olympic Games, which take place every four years, are not ignored either. To increase your chances of success, you need to increase the number of cultural buildings in your city and get a blessing from Apollo. And in order to maintain the level of medicine at a consistently high level, it is important to monitor the number of hospital wards.

Screenshots of Zeus: Master of Olympus:

Download Zeus: Master of Olympus on PC for free

Size: 607.7MB. Execution: v2.0

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