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Yakuza Revenge Game

Share: 2006
Developer: oxide

Operating system: 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 1GHz
Graphic: 32MB
Memory: 256MB
Storage: 1.7GB
Execution: Complete final release

Go to the Yakuza revenge, you will plunge into the atmosphere of showdown between Japanese gangs. Humanity has advanced into the near future, which tells the story of a fictional alternative world with elements of science fiction and immerses the player in the vicissitudes of the plot. The leader of the Yakuza gang dies, so the leaders and the people closest to them decide to keep it a secret. It is decided to recreate a genetically copied human as a new head so that there are no violent riots and conflicts between other underworld figures.

In Yakuza Revenge there is a protagonist with a talent for carrying out dangerous and secret operations. Explore and explore secret factories across the United States to find and steal the necessary biological material needed to create a copy of the Yakuza ringleader. While completing the task assigned to him, the protagonist encounters a large number of opponents on his difficult path who want to stop the intruder.

Players must fight and use all of the hero’s available abilities, from weapon skills and precise shooting to hand-to-hand combat. As the game progresses, new types of weapons and items are unlocked, available for use in battle. The character can move freely between locations, doing their own research and trying to find the right component for the mission.

Yakuza Revenge Screenshots:

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Size: 1.8GB. Execution: Complete final release

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