Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5: Let’s end the debate

Those interested in the gaming world can now buy the latest and most powerful new generation platforms from different stores, whether PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

As usual, the competition between Microsoft and Sony in the field of games creates a kind of bias between players, which leads to constant arguments, and makes the neutral user in a state of confusion when making a purchase decision.

If you are still in a state of hesitation or confusion and need to know the most suitable option for you among the new consoles without prejudice or fanaticism, this comparison is directed specifically to you.


In this comprehensive comparison between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, we will make sure to clarify the most important things that the user needs to know and help you form a comprehensive idea that helps you make the right decision.

The comparison was formulated very accurately after a continuous experiment with the two devices, with our focus on one goal only, which is to help the user decide the purchase decision according to his needs and what suits him.

But if you have already made your choices, and think that this comparison will give one device an absolute advantage over another, this article is not for you.

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, which is better? The answer to this question is not easy and there are many details that you should know before choosing the most suitable option to buy.

The price

The first question that comes to the minds of many users when buying is the price difference between the new generation platforms, but this time there are no significant differences.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are available in international markets at a price of $500, and of course, this gives us an almost identical price in some Arab markets for both devices.

For example, the Xbox Series X price in Saudi Arabia is 2,300 SAR, which is exactly the same price as the PlayStation 5.

Taking into account that there are noticeable price differences in some markets such as the “Egyptian Market” due to different considerations, so we will not take this point into consideration, and we will only adhere to the international official prices announced by the two companies.

As for the price, I like to point out that each device comes with one controller in the box, knowing that the new PS5 controller comes in at $70, which is only about $10 higher than the Xbox Wireless Controller.

What about the price of digital versions?

Well, the digital version of the PlayStation 5 comes at a price of $ 400 compared to $ 300 for the Xbox Series S, which means a difference of $ 100 in favour of the digital version of the Xbox Series in global markets.

In Saudi Arabia, the price of the digital version of the PlayStation 5 is 1840 riyals, compared to 1350 riyals for the digital version of the Xbox Series.

But that’s not the whole story. Although the digital version on both devices lacks a disc drive, the PlayStation 5 digital has the advantage of not compromising on performance and power, and the rest of the features are completely identical to the basic version, unlike the Series S, which offers features And the performance is lower than the original version, which makes it unfair to compare it with the main hardware.

Advantage: Equivalent to the basic version, and an advantage to the PlayStation 5 in the digital version, given that no compromises are made in performance.


Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X performance comparison chart

When it comes to performance, you can choose either platform without worrying about that point. But if you like numbers, you’ll find that the most important differences come from the GPU and internal storage.

The PS5 peaks at 10 teraflops with 825 GB of internal storage, while the Xbox Series X peaks at 12 teraflops, with 1 TB of storage.

These differences are very simple and will not affect most players, and developers can not take advantage of the additional power in the teraflop only in the case of developing exclusive games only, especially since many games are still available for the old generation.

By trying so many games, most of the performance differences will not be noticeable at all. In some cases with games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, I felt that the presentation with Series X was smoother with slight differences in favour of the device in ray tracing and lighting, in contrast, loading times were shorter on PS5 with some games.

Take into account that some previously available games such as Warzone will appear in better resolution on Series X due to the presence of local 4K support, while the PS5 runs the PS4 PRO version of the game, which causes this difference in resolution, and we are waiting for Sony for an upcoming update in this regard. But in both cases, this does not apply to new games.

Sony introduced some games that take advantage of the capabilities of the new generation, such as Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom, and these games were characterized by very sharp graphics, fast loading times and real-time ray tracing without any change in performance, but they cannot be taken alone as a measure of the differences.

It seems that Sony is more interested in pushing the technology forward, while Microsoft is trying to maintain the player base and does not want to leave anyone behind, but after a while and more and more gamers upgrade to the new generation, both devices will appear very identical in terms of performance.

In the end, the two devices can currently play games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with the ability to reach 120 frames per second with lower display resolutions, and developers will often work to add the missing features of the current games for both devices such as ray tracing or native 4K support. So there is nothing here to worry about on both devices.

Advantage: Draw

Design: Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 compared to a TV and regular speaker

The new generation platforms are quite large and exceed the weight of their predecessors for good reason, which is the need for some amount of space to house the powerful specifications built into these platforms, so design plays a key role in this case.

With the angular design of the Xbox Series X, it’s super easy to fit your home entertainment accessory or place it under a desk, or on a shelf. It can also be placed on its side if you wish, but leave enough room for air to vent through the fans on the top.

I’ll be honest here, the build quality of the Xbox Series X appears to be more luxurious, solid and feels quite durable, unlike the PlayStation 5 which seems to have cheap build quality due to the plastic and the ease of scratching the glass.

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic and bold, then the PS5 might suit you. Despite the very close weight between the two consoles, the PS5 looks more homogeneous but is difficult to fit under the TV or desk regardless of orientation.

I know the design is ultimately a matter of taste, but I personally prefer the Series X design as it looks more durable due to its shock-absorbing exterior which makes me think it can withstand several years of use.

On the other hand, despite the PS5’s aesthetic, it is more delicate and dominated by a plastic design, and you feel that you need to take extra care in choosing the right place for it. Even if I used a Sony stand, I was always worried about scratching the white plastic.

Virtue: Xbox Series X



On the other hand, the new DualSense PlayStation 5 controller is a comprehensive upgrade over the DualShock 4 with a dual colour scheme, a new design, a much larger grip, and excellent build quality. Besides, important features such as highly sensitive touches, a built-in microphone, impressive haptic feedback, and an improved touchpad have been added.

Although the Xbox controller lacks many of the features in the PS5’s hand, it remains more comfortable to use and you can play with it for a long time without feeling annoying.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox controller relies on an easily replaceable AA battery, with the option of USB charging via the Charge Kit, but it costs about $40, which is half the price of an all-new controller. The PlayStation 5 includes a non-removable battery that can be charged via a USB-C cable.

Virtue: Playstation 5 controller

Reverse compatibility and important features

Xbox Series X has a quick resume feature that lets you switch between the active states of six different games simultaneously. Instead of having to wait for the game to load, and then sit through a bunch of menu options, you are pushed straight into the game.

The quality of the work of this feature really amazed me, even after unplugging the device for a long period of time it will keep suspended games and access them in an instant.

The PS5 lacks such a feature at the moment, and I wasn’t expecting its absence to affect the overall experience. However, a similar feature may be released for the device in the future.

PS5 and Xbox Series X both have excellent backward compatibility features, but there is no denying that Xbox offers a better compatibility experience, by covering all previous generations like Xbox 360 and original Xbox games.

On the other hand, the PS5 allows playing almost all PS4 games, but the compatibility does not go further because it does not include PlayStation 3 games, unless the PlayStation Now streaming service counts PS3 games.

Even if, it is quite different from playing games you already own directly on the console. Some media reports indicate that Sony is working to support PlayStation 3 games in the near future, as the complex architecture of the device requires more time to complete.

Cloud gaming isn’t a huge issue for either PS5 or Xbox Series X, as you can simply download and play games locally on either device. But as cloud gaming grows over the next few years, it’s good to know where each company stands at the beginning of the generation and what to expect.

The PS system has so far relied on the PlayStation Now service (not officially available in most Arab countries), which allows streaming a set of PS3 or PS4 games to the PS5 or PC. You can also download some PS4 titles and not just stream them. The service costs $10 per month and it does not work on the mobile phone.

As for Microsoft, it offers the cloud broadcasting feature within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $ 15 per month, and this package is much more powerful than what Sony offers, as it includes access to Xbox Live Gold games, online multiplayer, EA Play games library, and access to the Game Pass game library. As well as cloud broadcasting of games on Android phones. However, you still have to download the games to your Xbox or PC.

Regarding virtual reality, there are no plans by Microsoft to support this technology in the Xbox Series X, while the PS5 will be fully compatible with the pre-existing PS VR.

Advantage: Xbox Series X

Games: Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5

Everyone is fully aware that Sony has presented a collection of exclusive games on PS4 that is the strongest and most diverse compared to the library of exclusive Xbox One games.

But will Sony’s games dominate the new generation as well? Well, we are still at a very early stage to judge games, and we do not know how Microsoft will address this point and what is the result of its steps over the past years of acquiring several development studios to support and grow its exclusive game library.

On the other hand, the new generation will witness a very impressive library of games that work with the two platforms, which may help some players to live with the limited number of exclusive games.

As of writing this report, Microsoft has not released any exclusive games for its new device, while Sony has released several distinctive games, with the announcement of the arrival of other exclusive games in 2021.

Microsoft has done an impressive job recently by acquiring several development studios to support its game library, but the results are not expected to be immediate and we will need to wait a few years before the acquisitions pay off.

On the other hand, nothing seems to be able to stop Sony from expanding its library of exclusive games, which is what makes the PS5 stand out on this point, especially in the initial period of launch, where you will not need to wait long to get exclusive games.

There is another important point when talking about games, which is the Xbox Game Pass service, which gives Xbox an advantage in getting games, especially after we saw the strength of third-party games that access the service.

So far, Sony does not have a service competing with Game Pass, despite its announcement of the PS Plus Collection service, which provides PlayStation 5 owners with a limited collection of the best games of the past generation for free within the PlayStation Plus subscription.

However, it does not seem that Microsoft will forever retain the only card of strength in the field of gaming “the bass values.” According to media reports, Sony is working to launch a rival service for Bass values, which will constitute a strong blow against Microsoft.

Advantage: PlayStation 5

Conclusion: Which is better Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5?

Using both devices over the past few months, my gut feeling is that they have more similarities than differences. And both will be more than enough to power games over the next few years.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are worth investing in right now, and the choice between them is primarily up to you and what hardware you have right now.

The specs between the two devices are pretty much the same, the performance differences are minimal and you are sure to have the same great experience no matter which platform you choose.

With Service Pass values, Quick Resume, Smart Delivery, cross-generation compatibility, full integration with Windows, and a better design, Microsoft offers a more cohesive package but the exclusive games are missing.

The Xbox Series X might seem like a slightly better investment at the moment, and if the console had enough exclusive and high-quality game library, I’d recommend it.

On the other hand, Sony still has the trump card through distinctive and exclusive games, which makes PS5 the most suitable option for many players. The games offered by Sony are very difficult to find equivalents on other platforms.

If you are not interested in exclusive Sony games and all you play are games from third-party companies available on both platforms, then go for the Xbox Series X, especially if you have a suitable PC for gaming.

But if you are interested in beloved Sony series and its exclusive games, especially amazing individual experiences, then choose the PS5 without hesitation because you will not get a similar experience anywhere else.


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