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Share: 2021
Developer: Worldwalker Games LLC

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphic: Open GL 3.2
Memory: 3GB
Storage: 2GB
Steam reviews:
Overwhelmingly positive 95% of 7,170 reviews positive.
Execution: v1.3.363 [New Version]

Poacher myth – A role-playing game with procedurally generated levels in which the player constructs his own story with a moral decision system that entails various consequences for the world. Wildermit gameplay is all about assembling a party of five heroes consisting of farmers, idlers and peasants and turning them into legendary knights and brave heroes.

Battles with a variety of fantasy creatures take place in interactive arenas. The gameplay is inspired by board games and tied to the individual characteristics of each team member. Characters age, transform, fall in love and make difficult decisions. Depending on the path chosen, the characters will have different relationships with each other: friendship, sympathy or enmity. Each character has their own story arc and biography.

The events take place in Papercraft’s realm The Yondering Lands, populated by insect dragons and Lovecraftian undead. The heroes’ appearance will change as the story progresses. For example, trusting the Wolf God gives you a set of unique abilities that grant incredible strength, some buffs, and affect the character’s appearance. Wildermyth encourages tactical decisions and using the environment for your own purposes.

Three unique classes in the game: Warrior, Hunter and Mystic. Each hero type performs better at different ranges: the Warrior is proficient in melee weapons, the Hunter is powered by long-range weapons, and the Mystic is the equivalent of a local wizard. He can possess an item and cause great damage to the enemy. The world map is divided into several areas that need to be protected from monsters. Once an area has been overrun, you must defend it by building barricades or various traps. One gameplay feature is the mechanics of “Death”. You have the choice of sacrificing yourself but killing a monster, or losing a limb but continuing to fight. This feature is only available once per game.

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Size: 889MB. Execution: v1.3.363 [New Version]

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