7 Reasons Why Fortnite Is The Most Influential And Important Game Of The Decade

Unlike some very popular games, Fortnite was able to translate this popularity into a tool to influence the gaming industry in the world.

When it comes to video games that have been incredibly successful in terms of player numbers, only a handful of games are emerging this decade.

Of course, the number is even lower when talking about games that have been popular enough to survive for several years.


Fortnite, love it or hate it, has already managed to become one of the most influential video games in modern history.

The game launched by the American company Epic Games has over 250 million registered players, while it is reported to have earned at least $2.4 billion in 2018.

As we know, Fortnite is completely free to play, but players spend money to buy Battle Pass, outfits, and more.

Other than Pokemon Go, Minecraft and PUBG, few modern games have managed to reach the level of the massive spread of the game Fortnite, to the extent that some e-sports players and professionals specifically in the game Fortnite for a period topped the covers of international magazines, and the most famous of them, “Ninja” was among the Times 100 list of the most influential people year 2019.

You can spot dozens of international artists who shared their photos on social networks playing the game, what’s more, the game got a mention in Avengers: Endgame, one of the biggest movies of all time.

Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, says that the success of Fortnite helped them get huge resources, which were used to compete in the gaming industry as a whole.

For example, the company pressured the gaming giant, Sony, to change its policy regarding shared play, and it launched its own game store, in which it competes with the famous Steam platform.

All this and more will be discussed in the following lines.

1. Bridging the gap between home platforms, computers and smartphones

One of Fortnite’s most important innovations was to create parity between mobile devices, PCs, and home gaming platforms.

Many games may have achieved the same experience in terms of graphics and performance when playing on home platforms and computers, but Epic Games was able to make the experience applicable to phones and tablets, and even low-performance computers.

And the fact that the game is free and multi-platform, allowed it to reach a larger audience and easy for fans of the game to introduce their friends to it and encourage them to register and try the challenges together.

2. Fortnite and the impact on esports and content creators

The game Fortnite had a great impact on the world of e-sports by organizing global tournaments with large financial prizes, most notably the World Championships with a grand prize of 30 million US dollars.

The game also introduced an integrated system that allows fans to support their favourite players, for example, professional players and content creators can partner with Epic to obtain a creator code.

And when Fortnite players spend in-game money with this code, the creator will get a portion of the sale as a sign of support.

The viral success of Fortnite overshadowed the success of players on other sites such as YouTube and Twitch, and by working with the best creators and content creators on those platforms, Epic Games was able to keep the game at the top of the viewer list.

What I would say is that the best Fortnite players have made a life-changing amount of money, and there are many other players who have built a career behind the game.

3. Redefining Games as a Service

Fortnite is perhaps best known for its battle royale system of 100 online players who compete against each other as “individuals or teams” and survive as the last survivors.


This system was specifically adapted from the famous PUBG game, but Fortnite added some creative elements such as building elements, along with its different cartoon-like style, unlike PUBG, which is more realistic.

But the biggest share of the continued success of Fortnite today is the flexibility of the game, as it is updated on a weekly basis, which is a redefinition of the concept of “Games as a Service” as something we have not experienced in this way before.

Introducing new game modes, new customizable items, and special events in such close time periods is something you won’t find in any other game.

4. Fortnite created a global interactive platform

The impact of Fortnite was not only limited to playing, but it was an interactive entertainment platform where we see many unique activities.

For example, more than 10 million people watched Marshmello’s concert live in March 2019, while another 45 million people watched it on YouTube.

In early December 2019, Disney showed exclusive and unpublished footage from the movie Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker inside the game Fortnite, and this caused an unprecedented turnout from players, as people participating in the event received Star Wars-inspired laser swords for use within the game Fortnite, a model Perfect for encouraging players to keep playing the game.

5. Social experience

Players who rarely win Fortnite matches still log into the game on a regular basis because there are new ways to play and it also provides a place for friends to connect online and have some fun.

With professional gamers still streaming on YouTube and Twitch and live events happening in-game, Fortnite has grown into an all-encompassing social experience.

While most games do not allow cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox, Fortnite along with a few other games currently allow friends to play together regardless of the device they own, making it a social experience that connects millions of players from all over.

6. Joint play support

I mentioned this, but again, Fortnite is credited with supporting crossplay and making Sony change its tough stance over the past years, which is one of the reasons why the game is the most influential and important, as it will be credited over the coming years in supporting cross-play for the first time.

The results of this move were fast as some games started supporting this feature such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Dauntless and Rocket League.

It is expected that this list will gradually increase over time, as it has been very well received by gamers and some game publishers.

7. New competition in the gaming industry

The success of Fortnite contributed to Epic Games earning billions in revenue that was used to influence the gaming industry.

The most important point was the launch of the Epic Store, which offers more revenue for developers who publish their games against other stores such as Steam, even the PlayStation Store and the App Store.

Publishers who list their products on the Epic Games Store pay a 12% fee per transaction, which is lower than the 30% charged by most competing stores.

The CEO of Epic Games stresses that his company does not need to charge additional fees and that developers who use Epic’s Unreal Engine tools to build their games can receive a lower fee.

This store would not have succeeded without the game Fortnite, which has 250 million registered players, which allowed Epic Games to confront all the industry leaders, including Google, when Fortnite was withdrawn from the Google Play Store and accused of unfair manipulation due to their control of the market and imposed 30% on In-game purchase transactions.

Epic expanded its activity and was able to offer some important computer games exclusively on its store for specific periods of time, such as Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus.

Conclusion: The impact of Fortnite on the video games industry

Fortnite has had a huge impact on the gaming industry, and it’s a game that you won’t have to play to see how it can change the gaming world in the coming years, but those who don’t like it can also touch it.

In a short period of time, Fortnite proved to be a brave and adaptable game, and Epic Games is still expanding the game base with new ways and unique events, and the game will be the reason for creating Epic Games to have a great impact on the industry and it seems that Epic Store and support for joint play is only the beginning.


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