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Why Does It Matter?

Junub Games is recognized as a global leader in creating games for peace and social impact.

"This is a very powerful story."
Reggie Fils-Aime
Former President/COO @NintendoAmerica .

the global gaming citizen

Lual Mayen has been recognized by The Game Awards and Facebook Gaming as the Global Gaming Citizen, someone who is bringing people together through the power of games.

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games for peace and social impact

Junub Games is on a mission to create games that promote world peace and create social impact by bridging the real world and the virtual world. 1% of all profits are donated to support refugees around the world.

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From Refugee to game developer

A mobile game called Salaam, meaning ‘peace’ in Arabic has been developed by a Lual Mayen, a games designer from South Sudan. But this is a game with a difference, instead of arming players with guns and ammo, the object is to destroy them and spread some peace instead. 

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