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About The Game

Salaam starts with a caravan of refugees making their way to safety. The setting is peaceful, yet dire, given the circumstances. Parents carrying their children and the elderly keep up with the group as best they can. 

Your character fades into view walking on the path with other people and scenery of a jungle in the distance. Suddenly, gun shots are heard in the distance. The crowd goes quiet and your character crouches to avoid incoming fire. 

There is a brief pause of silence. More shots are heard. People start to run and panic ensues. Eventually, your character runs to the front of the caravan. A military van appears before the caravan and soldiers emerge firing their guns in the air. 

Your character turns and begins to run down the nearest path.

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The game begins!

Salaam is a high tension runner game that challenges players to make their way through war-torn regions to find a place of refuge. Players must be on the lookout for hidden dangers on the path. They must spot the danger and make quick decisions to avoid hazards, such as a fork in the road or a lion in the grass. 

Salaam is like Temple Run, but instead of escaping from an ancient ruin the player must escape war in the world’s most unforgiving conflict regions.

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About The Impact

Salaam is a game that puts the player in the shoes of a refugee forced to escape from a war-torn region. Players are taught about the harsh conditions that refugees experience on a daily basis, such as dehydration, malnourishment, and sickness. When a player’s character runs out of energy, they can start the journey over from the beginning or purchase supplies such as food, water, and medicine. 

Each time a player purchases food, water, and medicine in Salaam, supplies will also be sent to a refugee in the real world.

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