Bias among fans of video games about game consoles! When does it end?

Someone puts a question on a social network saying, I want to buy a new home gaming console for the first time in my life, what are your tips? This question may have been encountered by many veteran players at some point.

When this question is directed to me, I always try to know more information from the author of the question so that I can direct him correctly, such as knowing the available budget, what his interests are and discovering his taste in games or things that made him think about buying the device.


Gamers’ responses to game consoles questions

It is surprising that most of the responses I see in social networks are prejudiced in advance, and everyone recommends a particular device without real experience with various platforms and discovering its advantages and disadvantages, and only recommending the platform that he prefers, perhaps since he was a child and did not allow himself to try new things.

Nintendo Switch

For example, you may find someone saying never buy a Nintendo Switch, and it is clear that this person forgot that the device offers a range of great games, especially family and cooperative games that are impossible to see on any other gaming platform. And vice versa, when someone says buy a Switch because Nintendo is the only company that makes fun games, it seems that this person forgot what Sony does with some series or even third-party companies that provide fun gaming experiences for various platforms.


The same applies to Microsoft, as we find some say do not buy “Xbox” because it does not provide a library of exclusive games, although he does not know if the person is originally interested in exclusive games or all he wants is some famous game series from third-party companies, as He certainly forgot what Microsoft provides from an integrated package of services, on top of which is the Value Pass service. Someone else might think he’s too smart and say don’t buy an Xbox unless you’re interested in shooting games. Fortunately, I’m sure there is no shooting in the Forza race series.



And of course, there is always someone who will come and say don’t buy any console and instead buy a good specification PC, and this person will continue to explain that everything works better on the PC until exclusive Sony games will be released on it after 5 years Maybe or more!

Bias even about specific games

The worst is that this bias exists even with game recommendations, especially with famous series such as FIFA, PES, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc., and it doesn’t make sense to hear biased comments against a particular publisher or series of games just because you don’t like them.

I can go on and on with multiple examples of comments and recommendations people make on social networks, and what I want to say is that there’s an incredible bias for both the hardware and the games themselves.

What is the right thing to do about these gaming debates?

It is good to see many different opinions in discussions on these topics, but there is a need to support those opinions with facts and information and try to highlight different angles so that people can really decide what they want accordingly.

We can’t fool ourselves and say that we are not biased at all, we all have a bias towards certain things, for example, I can now mention some games that I absolutely hate even though they are hugely popular among players, but at the same time, my personal taste should not be a criterion for judgment Or direct people.

The question now is why are we discussing this issue in the first place? Well, let’s go back to the first question which is the new player who is looking to buy either a home console or perhaps is open to buying a gaming PC. If we keep offering biased opinions, how can we really help him? How can we make him make a correct and appropriate purchase for him? Did we really take his interests into account?

Simply respect other players’ opinions

Personally, I support all opinions, who recommend a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or PC, and on the contrary, I see that each of them provides sufficient reasons to make it worth buying without hesitation, but it is important that we support our recommendations with information and facts rather than just propaganda.

There are a lot of new players out there who want to buy a new device or game, and biased opinions that don’t provide any information will not help anyone, they just reinforce the existing disparity in opinions and tastes, so it is always better to put our personal bias aside and try to make recommendations based on information.


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