Will Valorant end Overwatch’s dominance of shooter games?

Overwatch, released in 2016, is one of the most popular shooter games in the world.

The game’s publisher, Blizzard, organises several competitive esports events around the world, and up to 50 million copies of the game have been purchased since its launch 4 years ago.

Everything is going well for Blizzard, as they announced a few months ago that Overwatch 2 was releasing new add-ons.


But after the announcement of Valorant, it looks like things will change for the company and they have to worry about the game’s market dominance.

Valorant from Riot Games, known for its League of Legends game, has been one of the most popular PC games since its launch in 2009.

Some Overwatch fans claim that Valorant will have a greater impact on Fortnite and that a lot of its players will switch to the new game, while not having a significant impact on Overwatch.

But on the ground, let’s review some aspects that may help each game in the competition

The nature of Valorant may not affect Overwatch much

First, we need to understand what Valorant is and what the game offers that are not in Overwatch.

Valorant is a team-based shooting game that pits two teams of five players against each other on a virtual map to achieve certain objectives.

The game combines the role-playing abilities of characters from games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends with the tactical team-based shooting style of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Tactical strategy is arguably what sets Valorant apart from Overwatch, which is one of the reasons why players are interested in the Valorant experience.

As for Overwatch, it is a game that is designed to be suitable for everyone to play, as you do not need to have long experience in shooting games such as Call of Duty, for example.

The player can control Overwatch by playing smart, with simple controls and an experience suitable for all ages.

Accordingly, Valorant may only appeal to seasoned Overwatch players who are looking for more complexity and challenge in team strategy.

History may be in Overwatch’s favour


Valorant is an all-new title that has been in development for 6 years, so we expect the game to be complete and flawless when it launches this summer.

On the other hand, Overwatch has become very popular and has a long history of success that will be crowned by the launch of the new version of the game, and it was able to win the admiration of millions of players, many of whom are looking forward to a new experience with the game.

Blizzard has built a huge audience for competitive sports through the global Overwatch leagues and generated a lot of solid revenue, in addition to the great reputation that the game has become in the world of shooter games.

The influence of the past on the success of games is undeniable, something we see even today with some of the famous series, while completely new titles need to distinguish themselves in an innovative way in order to achieve the desired success.

Overwatch’s Retreat May Help Valorant

Overwatch has lost some players over the past few years, making it endangered by Valorant.

And while Overwatch was one of four games that generated two-thirds of Blizzard’s revenue a few years ago, now it’s not, and the company isn’t generating solid revenue from the game anymore.

In the last quarter of last year, the total number of monthly active users across all Blizzard games, including Diablo, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft, was only about 33 million.

This means that as the player base declines and sales decline, players will likely be looking for a new experience which could be Valorant.

Valorant may affect Overwatch

Millions of people will be downloading Valorant when it’s released from day one, simply because it’s completely free, unlike Overwatch.

This would give Valorant a huge advantage in winning over a larger player base, something that could affect Overwatch 2, as well as some other free games like Fortnite.

Thus, even Overwatch players will consider trying the game when it is launched as long as it is free, and if they find that the game provides them with a better experience, they will most likely continue to play it.

If the game is not suitable for them, then they must return to Overwatch, so I think that the quality and strength of Valorant will be the main key to success or failure and nothing else.

Conclusion: Will Valorant really take the lead?

In the end, it must be remembered that we are talking about an industry that is valued at 150 billion US dollars and continues to grow, and there will always be new games entering the market.

Therefore, we will wait and see how the new game can affect this market, and whether it will achieve strong success in affecting the rest of the games, or will it be just a passing game.


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