Urban Fight

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Urban fighting game

Release: 2021
Developer: V

Operating system: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
Processor: Intel I5 2500
Graphics: GTX 950, AMD R9 280
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 7 GB

Steam review:
Very positive
Out of 584 positive reviews.
Version: vBuild 7322657 [New Version]

Game Overview

Urban combat focuses on melee and ranged combat. Players take control of a mechanical warrior and set out to fight enemies in the city of the future. As they progress, they gain access to new skills, powerful equipment and secondary abilities. Enemies increase their own power and dangerous bosses appear, creating fierce battles.

The main character can learn 10 types of skills, each of which can be combined with another skill to create different attack or defense combos. The mechanical character can be pumped with 8 types of futuristic supports with different effects and bonuses. Players can use 3 attack modes: skill, normal punch and sprint, and to defend themselves they will have to use evasion or direct defense.

As players progress, the artificial intelligence is automatically boosted and the characterization of opponents improves, making fights more difficult. Players will have to invent new tactics or keep up with the pace of pumping. Ghost knives and support skills will come in handy in difficult cases. By killing tough enemies, the protagonist earns medals, which open up better opportunities for him. The battles take place on the streets of the city, made in the style of science fiction.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Intense Combat: In Urban Fight, players will experience intense melee and ranged combat as they take control of a mechanical warrior in the setting of a futuristic city.
  • Skills and Abilities: The game offers 10 types of skills that can be learned by the main character, each of which can be combined to create different attack and defense combos.
  • Progression System: As players progress through the game, they will gain access to new skills, powerful equipment, and secondary abilities to improve their character's abilities.
  • Challenging Enemies: The game introduces increasingly powerful enemies and dangerous bosses, creating fierce battles that require strategic thinking and skillful combat maneuvers.
  • Futuristic Setting: Urban Fight takes place in a city of the future, with sci-fi style streets serving as the backdrop for epic battles and intense combat.
  • Support Skills: Players can use 8 futuristic support types with different effects and bonuses to aid them in battle and improve their character's abilities.
  • Attack and Defense Modes: The game offers 3 attack modes: skill, normal punch and sprint, as well as evade and direct defense options to counter enemy attacks.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As players progress, the game's AI is automatically strengthened and the characterization of opponents is improved, making battles increasingly difficult and engaging.
  • Rewards and Medals: By defeating tough enemies, players can earn medals that unlock better opportunities and rewards, motivating them to overcome tough challenges.
  • Combo System: Urban Fight features a robust combo system that allows players to unleash devastating attacks and defensive maneuvers by combining different skills and abilities in creative ways.

Download and Install Urban Fight – Instructions for PC

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  4. Follow the steps of the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, completely free and with the highest possible speed.
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Size: 3.52 GB. Version: vBuild 7322657 [New Version]

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