Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection Review

Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy has only been around for a few years, and in the eyes of many, this may not be enough time to bring the two titles back to life with better quality, but this review, which concerns these two games in particular without the rest of the Sony games and exclusives, we discuss How dealing with games has changed, becoming more dependent on sensory emotions and immersion in the depths of the experience, rather than hearing and watching them, and how Legacy of Thieves, in particular, is an exclusive and pioneering experience in this perspective, and that the developer was able to breathe new life into all aspects of the game to create an experience It cannot be compared to previous versions of the series.

New touches and meanings that address the heart before the mind

The first question a reader might be looking for when reading these words is, of course, whether this copy differs from the original, and is it worth paying for it again.


Before we answer the question, the player must know that he does not need to own both the original games in order to get the full upgrade on the PlayStation 5 platform. Once he plays the Legacy Of Thieves upgrade price of only $10, the player who owns either game can upgrade the existing game With it, in addition to getting the other game without any additional expenses.

Different game modes

The first benefit of the set is centred around the different game modes, of which there are three modes to choose from this time: Fidelity mode, Performance mode and Performance+ mode, and the modes vary in frame rate and resolution.

Different resolutions and performance

Fidelity mode works at 30 frames and 4K resolution, Performance mode gives you 60 frames at 1440p resolution, and High-Performance mode gives you 1080p resolution and variable frame rate up to 120 fps.

In short, this means that the game does not support 4K resolution with 120 or even 60 frames in any system, and the response rate of the joystick increases with the decrease in quality, so the player will need to use the performance mode most of the time.

In terms of visual quality, let’s be honest, Legacy of Thieves doesn’t add much to a series of games that are primarily characterized by their strong visual identity, but being unnoticed doesn’t mean there’s no quality difference.

On the contrary, this collection exemplifies the attention to the smallest graphic details, whether it is in green or mountainous environments, or character designs and face shapes. Now no matter how far you are from the TV screen, or how far the character is in line with the surroundings, the quality of the details will remain the same without any difference in resolution or quality.

Loading times are now only a few seconds, which should significantly shorten your playing time. In fact, it now takes about 20 hours for the two games to finish completely, compared to 25-30 hours each separately in the older versions, but players may take twice that Time to complete additional things in each game, such as collecting treasures and collectables, engaging in optional additional conversations with characters, and more. Of course, it is not only about the load times, but the noticeable increase in the frame rate which made everything run very smoothly and without any significant obstacles, which greatly served the fast and exciting gameplay in this particular series.

Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection gameplay review

Basically Uncharted is a game series based on instant fun. Every minute and every moment in the game is completely different, from the steps you take, the cars you ride, the ropes swinging, and the enemies shooting.

The difference doesn’t just apply to the things you do while you play, but the environment around you while you apply those things. In my view, these are the details that distinguish Legacy of Thieves from the rest of the Sony exclusives: the raindrops, the mud lakes that result from them, the weeds, and how these environmental obstacles are conveyed and made tangible through the character’s movement style unmatched in any other video game. So far.

The idea is that the developer knows this, and even plays on this point as a key element in increasing the value of the product, and this is done pivotally through the support of the Dual Sense arm exclusive to the PlayStation 5 platform.


The arm has greatly succeeded in making our experience with the game more intimate, not only during action segments, but even as the hero Nathan Drake writes in his memoir, feel the guitar strings while playing it, and of course resisting the buttons when the trigger is pulled or at times when it gets rough. in handling inputs. Is the topic really worth replaying the game again for these details? Yes, in this particular game, it is worth it.

The interaction of players

I want to use this space to illustrate a point that many overlook in discussing the nature of today’s games, or more precisely: the way players interact with video games. Usually, in order to present an idea that the developer wants to convey to the players, he provides the appropriate data and leaves the opportunity for the players to reach the result of the equation or the puzzle made by the developer, but most of the current developers provide the result of the equation directly, without leaving the players the opportunity to search for themselves About the origin of the equation, or in other words, the opportunity to feel what the developer was feeling when designing the stages, and the ideas that were going through his head when writing the story.

This simple idea can prevent many games from achieving the desired sales, simply because there is no communication between the developer and the player when implementing the idea. The developer thinks that players will feel what he wants as he thinks, not as they think.

The difference with good Sony games, specifically Legacy of Thieves, is that the ways players interact with the developer’s equation or puzzle are much more visible and visible. Everything about the hero’s character and his new life is easily evident through gestures, conversations and reactions, and the player can be more easily emotionally affected by the joystick sensors, and the new visual quality of both games.

All of this is reflected in the story itself, which although identical to the original, and although there is no new content, the way to enjoy this story and its iconic moments are completely different.

It’s hard to write about this feeling for those who haven’t experienced it, and also without burning the basic story details, but the story and the experience itself is an interactive panorama with full colours and pillars. Even the sounds are completely different with the new 3D Audio support technology on the platform, so it is not enough to enjoy the game through YouTube shows. Uncharted is an experience made for the player to immerse themselves in, not just to watch through their old intellectual window.

My personal opinion about Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection

It should be noted in the end that it is not enough for the player to make a short partial experience of Legacy of Thieves to get a complete picture of everything that the studio has done in the audio and video file.

There are certain chapters in the story that are designed in a way to use the 3D Audio feature in a certain way that is not repeated in the rest of the game, such as the chapters that include crossing waterfalls, for example in Lost Legacy, and we have taken care to go a long way in each game in order to test the degree of difference and contrast between each Chapter by chapter and to say the least Uncharted is a little game to rate, but each chapter can be individually evaluated as a milestone in the history of the gaming industry and also the vibrant and vibrant cinematography.

This would not have been possible without the basic story structure that supports this idea, and we can expect Naughty Dog to offer similar story experiences in all of its games in the future.

Games that respect players’ time and know when they get bored and when they want to see new things from their experience, and give them what they need at the right time, so using Dual Sense works best with these games in particular, because the narrative output supports the delivery of a certain feeling or message in each scene, on the, Unlike other games that take time to move forward. The upgrade, now available for both games, is in our opinion the right choice and fully worth it for those looking for real value PlayStation 5.


Uncharted: Legacy Of Thieves Collection might be an overlooked addition to its low price tag or the quality of upgrades that are common these days, but Uncharted in particular takes advantage of new sensory input and advanced display technologies, which interact with the game’s unique structure and storytelling to make the experience fresh. Exactly for those who will try it on the PlayStation 5 platform.

Game Pros and Cons


  • Every moment in the story is different in idea and content, and there is no duplicate or identical moment.
  • Three new performance systems to choose from.
  • Fast loading times significantly shorten game completion time.


  • It is not possible to experience the game at the highest frame rate and the highest quality at the same time.
  • There are no additions or differences from the old content in this version.


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