Tunguska The Visitation Download Free

Publication: 2017
Developer: rotorist

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00GHz
Graphic: 1 GB video memory with support for DirectX: 11
Memory: 2GB
Execution: v 0.601

After the fall of the meteorite, in Tunguska The Visitation The mutant invasion begins. The alien body that fell to Earth in the Tunguska area caused the transformation of all local residents. As a result, a special zone is formed here, the main goal of which is to survive and resist enemies. In the game you often have to make difficult decisions, the outcome of which depends on your own existence.

The player not only faces converted people, but also the harsh climate caused by increased radiation. Natural disasters, diseases, infections, bandits and constant battles force the user to fight for the life of the station using various available methods. In the open world, you can move between zones and explore areas. Along the way, the hero meets many non-player characters who give him quests that open the passages. It is worth moving consciously so as not to get caught up in the anomalies that are everywhere here.

When creating the action, the authors were inspired by the game STALKER, so there are many references to the legendary shooter. A similar atmosphere, a similar storyline, and an interface and graphic design close to the original have become a game feature. Instead of the Exclusion Zone, the trial takes place in Tungussia, and the mutants are mostly ex-humans.

Tunguska The Visitation screenshots:

Download Tunguska The Visitation on PC for Free

Size: 749MB. Execution: v 0.601

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