Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 Download Free

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 game

Share: 2006
Developer: Auran

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 clocks at 2.8 GHz
Graphic: 128MB
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 6GB
Execution: Complete final release

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 does not stand out from similar projects in a similar genre. The concept already familiar to players comes into play here, where you have to control a locomotive that moves from point A to point B. In some situations the circumstances of the trip may change, but in general the situation remains monotonous and unhurried. The only thing that brings variety to the scene is the presence of three game modes.

List and description of modes in Train Simulator “Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006”:

  • Builder – The user can create their own routes, controlling everything down to the smallest detail – from the topography of the ground to the density of trees near the route.
  • Machinist – a standard mode for this genre in which you can choose the direction and move towards your goal by controlling the machine.
  • Scenario – unlike the second modification, this is a specific task. The locomotive changes every time, as does the route with the stopping plan.

If the user has no experience with similar projects, there is a special training assignment. Here you can “explore” the locomotive, understand the principle of operation of each mechanism and its purpose, and simply get used to the dynamics of the gameplay. But when everything happens so smoothly and without haste, don’t think that every train will run smoothly. For example, if you do not calculate the speed when entering a curve, the train will go off the tracks and the mission will fail. Therefore, over the course of passing, the player will be able to learn the necessary skills.

Screenshots of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006:

Download Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 on PC for free

Size: 1.34GB. Execution: Complete final release

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