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Release: 2022
Developer: GOOD GUYS

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 4310
Graphics: GTX 760
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 10 GB

Game version: 2.9

Game Overview

TRAIL OUT is a game that might appeal to fans of survival racing. The races feature a variety of vehicles including sports cars, minivans, muscle cars, pickup trucks, vintage cars and much more. The game follows the story of racer Mikhalych, who interacts with fans and allows players to customize the protagonist's appearance and vehicles in the garage.

Players can also engage in boss battles in arenas and experience realistic physics with the ability to adjust the complexity of vehicle behavior. The game features detailed accidental damage to the models, including crumpled bodies and flying wheels. Players can repaint and upgrade cars, including tire, body, engine, nitrous oxide upgrades and more. The game also allows players to build a scrapyard from different parts and upgrade it to an ideal state. TRAIL OUT offers 35 different vehicles and tracks.

TRAIL OUT features 7 modes for players to enjoy, including No Time, Stunts, Rush, Derby Classic, Derby Domination, Cross, and The Hunter.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

– Customizable Vehicles: In TRAIL OUT, players have the ability to customize their vehicles as they wish. From appearance to performance, players have various options to make their vehicles unique.

– Story Mode: The game features a storyline that follows the journey of runner Mikhalych, adding depth and context to the gameplay. Players will have to interact with fans and complete various challenges to progress in the game.

– Realistic Physics: TRAIL OUT features realistic physics, providing players with an immersive and authentic driving experience. The game's physics engine accurately simulates vehicle behavior, adding to the overall realism of the gameplay.

– Vehicle Damage: In-game crashes result in visible damage to vehicles. Players will see their cars crash, wheels fly off, and other realistic damage effects, adding to the intensity of the racing experience.

– Upgrades and Customization: In addition to customizing vehicles, players can also upgrade various aspects of their cars, including tires, bodywork, engine, and nitrous oxide. This allows for a personalized and optimized racing experience.

– Variety of vehicles and tracks: TRAIL OUT offers a wide selection of 35 different vehicles, including sports cars, vans, muscle cars, pickup trucks and vintage cars. The game also features an equal number of tracks, providing players with diverse and exciting racing environments to explore.

– Multiple game modes: The game offers 7 different modes, including Time, Stunts, Rush, Derby Classic, Derby Domination, Cross and The Hunter. Each mode offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience, catering to a variety of racing preferences.

Download and install TRAIL OUT – Instructions for PC

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  3. Double tap the game installer to start downloading the full and latest version of the game. It is designed to keep you updated with the latest possible updated version of the game, including the latest updates of the official publisher, bug fixes and additional game files that might be added later for an improved gaming experience.
  4. Follow the steps of the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, completely free and with the highest possible speed.

Size: 5.9 GB. Game version: 2.9

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