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Total War: Rome Remastered game

Share: 2021
Developer: Creative Assembly Feral Interactive

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i3 series
Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 600 / AMD HD 7000 / Intel UHD 620
Memory: 6GB
Storage: 73GB
Steam reviews:
Mostly positive 70% of 5,818 reviews positive.
Execution: v2.0.3 + DLC [New Version]

Total War: Rome Remastered – A re-release of the legendary 4X strategy that combines turn-based elements with real-time tactical mechanics. Lead one of the factions of ancient Rome and immerse yourself in the period of 270 BC. to the end of the 19th century. up to 14 years n/a Remastered version, optimized for running on modern operating systems, with 4K resolution and UHD support. Models of buildings and surrounding objects have been updated, effects have more depth, and units have received additional polygons.

Rome: Total War’s gameplay has also been improved and mechanics added. Developers have improved the camera. From now on you can freely rotate and zoom in on the battlefield. Introduced heatmaps and layer icons such as diplomacy, security, etc. The tactical camera received an indicator of the state of squads and the area of ​​their vision, which makes it easier to manage the army.

Lead 16 additional factions featured in the original game. Allow you to control a total of 38 countries. Total War: Rome Remastered features a cross-platform multiplayer mode that allows players to compete against each other on different devices. New type of agent – ​​dealer. These units can travel around the world, gain access to resources, negotiate with allies, and improve the economy.

Up to a thousand units can be accommodated on the battlefield. The movement points allow you to move freely around the map. Introduced the general’s entourage – units thrown from one regiment to another. Brawl system switched to automatic. The events take place in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa. Every move you make in Total War: Rome turns time back six months. In a single turn you can build a building, recruit people, improve attributes, deploy agents, conduct diplomacy, espionage and much more. Try to conquer 50 Roman provinces.

All factions have 6 types of relationships. The protectorate system is the vassal dependence of one country on another. Each warring party has its own leader and future military commander. The economic part is based on infrastructure development, cultural differences, insurgencies, trade, taxes, etc. Build barracks, stables, guns, etc. to hire Birema, Trireme, Quincrema, boats, war elephants, foot soldiers, etc. Units have morale and fatigue indicators. Use siege weapons to break through enemy defenses during an attack.

Total War: Rome Remastered screenshots:

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Size: 29.75GB. Execution: v2.0.3 + DLC [New Version]

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