Titanic: Fall Of A Legend Download Free

Publication: 2022
Developer: Interactive gaming studios

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: i5 3.0GHz
Graphic: 2 GB of dedicated graphics card memory
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 6GB
Game version: Complete last release

Titanic: Fall Of A Legend is an atmospheric simulation of the events that took place during the sinking of the Titanic cruise ship. Users must board the RMS Titanic to experience the final moments before the ship’s sinking. Players can view detailed recreations of the tragic events to familiarize themselves with the troubles that led to the ship sinking during the long voyage. Users have to take on the role of a passenger, who turns out to be one of the participants in the journey in the first class cabin. The game is an immersive simulation game with casual gameplay elements.

Users in Titanic: Fall Of A Legend will witness how a ship collides with an iceberg, resulting in the deaths of a large number of passengers. Watch an in-depth dive of a luxury ocean liner from the start of the maiden voyage from New York City. The events take place 2 hours and 40 minutes after leaving port where the ship breaks in half due to human error. The game features realistic effects and cinematic staging. Players will enjoy high-quality sound in a single-player playthrough and explore the decks, rooms, cabins, and other hull elements aboard Titanic in minute detail. A full simulation walkthrough takes about 30 minutes in real time.

Titanic: Fall Of A Legend Screenshots:

Download Titanic: Fall Of A Legend on PC for Free

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Size: 1.12GB. Game version: Complete last release

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