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The Smurfs - Mission Vileaf Game

Share: 2021
Developer: OSome Studio

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Graphic: Intel HD 4400
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 5GB
Steam reviews:

96% of 28 reviews positive.
Execution: v October 26, 2021 + DLC [New Version]

The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf – is a fun adventure in the famous universe in which the little blue Smurfs resist the evil wizard Gargamel. An old wizard has found an ancient and dangerous spell in a lost spellbook and wishes to read it to create the evil plant Zlololist. Heroes have to cope with the impending danger and embark on a long and arduous journey. As you move along the levels of action and advance the story step by step, you must use all available means to achieve the goal.

Save the forest from the devious wizard in Smurfs – Operation Zlololist. Players will:

  • Explore large available areas while fighting dangerous monsters.
  • Move around and solve incoming problems using characters’ abilities.
  • Heal and restore infected plants to return forest life to normal.
  • Enhance and improve the well-being of your home village.

The atmosphere is set in difficult times where all animals are in great danger. The protagonist must take part in a rescue mission where he has to navigate and solve difficult puzzles. On your way you will encounter a variety of spatial obstacles or puzzles that require a logical solution. The main character can freely move around the map, jump, dive underwater and actively interact with objects in the environment to run errands for other residents or complete story quests.

The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf Screenshots:

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The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf main logo

Size: 1.36GB. Execution: v October 26, 2021 + DLC [New Version]

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