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The Sacred Stone Game

Share: 2018
Developer: Tank Gaming

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: FX8350
Graphic: GTX 1050
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 18GB
Execution: Complete final release

Adventure The sacred stone begins with a sacred stone being stolen and the protagonist’s parents being killed. She embarks on a dangerous journey to find out the truth about herself. Little by little, the character improves his own mastery of the sword, learns new magical powers, and fights against stronger enemies. The player controls a young 18 year old girl. The ruler of the kingdom is a beautiful queen. The sacred stone is guarded by the protagonist’s family and helps maintain balance and peace in the state. One day a girl comes home to find her parents dead and the stone not in its usual place. Chaos reigns on the continent, summoning demons and fiendish beasts. After your parents’ funeral, mercenaries and assassins return to finish off the Guardians’ descendant. Little by little the heroine learns more about herself and her powers. The user must retrieve the Sacred Stone to restore balance to the land. Along the way, the player will come across many clues that will guide him through the game. Clues large and small are procedurally generated and the reward system constantly offers new rewards. Usually you will get similar items to the quest. For example, you have to kill spiders by collecting their legs or their venom. Free movement through the world is possible. As the user explores the environment, the user reaches hidden places, discovers new tasks and visits cities, villages, lakes and forests. Lots of side characters and random encounters with enemies along the way. Once the protection level increases, you will need to gain twice as much experience to advance to the new skill level.

Screenshots of the Holy Stone:

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Size: 18GB. Execution: Complete final release

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