The Big Con

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The Big Con game

Release: 2021
Developer: Mighty Yell

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: i3-2100 / A8-5600k
Graphics: GTX 1050 Ti / Radeon RX 480
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 4 GB

Steam review: Positive 100% of the 42 reviews are positive.
Version: 1.4.11

Game Overview

The Big Con is a game where you play as a teenage fraudster in 90s America. The game is set in the crime genre and follows the story of a high school student named Ali who must fool strangers and scammers to save his parents' video library from loan sharks.

The game allows for open-ended exploration and the player can interact with different characters to help or hinder their progress. Deception plays a key role in the game, with the player using various methods such as equipping camouflage, sneaking up on enemies, eavesdropping on conversations, and stealth attacking.

Players are given a list of tasks to progress through the story, and hacking abilities come into play to foil those trying to harm the protagonist's family business. The game features elements from the 90s such as payphones, VHS tapes, shopping malls, and other items from that era.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Open World Exploration: The big scam offers players the freedom to explore the game world at their own pace. From bustling city streets to the local video store, there are plenty of hidden secrets and side quests to discover.
  • Unique Deception Mechanics: Players can use various deception methods to outwit enemies and scammers. Whether it's using camouflage, eavesdropping on conversations, or launching stealth attacks, there are multiple ways to fool your targets.
  • Task-Based Progression: As players approach their assigned grades, they will receive a list of tasks to guide them through the story. Completing these tasks is essential to moving the story forward and overcoming obstacles.
  • Help or hinder secondary characters: Throughout the game, players can interact with a diverse group of secondary characters. They have the ability to help or hinder these characters, which can impact the overall story.
  • Hacking Abilities: The protagonist has hacking abilities that can be used to save the video store and foil those trying to harm their parents' business. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.
  • Nostalgic 90s Setting: Set in 1990s America, The big scam immerses players in a nostalgic world filled with payphones, VHS tapes, shopping malls, and other iconic items from the era.
  • Compelling Storyline: The game features a gripping storyline that follows the journey of a teenage fraudster named Ali. As players go through challenges and obstacles, they will discover the protagonist's motivations and personal evolution.
  • Interactive Environments: From neon-lit streets to a bustling video store, the game's environments are highly interactive. Players can interact with various objects and items to progress in the game.
  • Various game mechanics: in addition to deception and exploration, The big scam offers a variety of gameplay mechanics, including puzzle solving, dialogue choices, and action sequences.
  • Character Customization: Players have the ability to customize the appearance and abilities of the protagonist, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

Download and Install The Big Con – Instructions for PC

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The main logo of the Big Con

Size: 345 MB. Version: 1.4.11

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