Swordcery: Prologue

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Swordcery: Prologue Game

Release: 2021
Developer: Temple Door Games

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 2 GB

Steam review:

Out of the 47 reviews, positive.
Version: version 1.0.0 [New Version]

Game Overview

Swordcery: Prologue is a simplified roguelike action game and part role-playing game. This is an isometric game from Project Indi where locations are randomly generated each time. The game's battles take place in real time, with an emphasis on close combat.

The story revolves around a giant blade that has plunged into the Earth, sucking the planet's energy and causing a rain of smaller swords that increases with each passing day. The hero, named Colt, is destined to resolve this situation by collecting sharp objects falling from the sky and using them to destroy enemies.

In Swordcery: Prologue, the hero is able to run in different directions, perform jumps and rolls, and during battles he can perform light and heavy attacks, as well as charged strikes. The list of combat moves depends on the weapon, which includes a variety of weapons such as one-handed and two-handed blades of different sizes, doubled swords, and exotic weapons like the katana. The pace of combat depends on what the character is holding, as well as the number and type of opponents.

As the game progresses, the number of available swords increases and their upgrades gradually open up. Additionally, the protagonist can receive relics that grant him active and passive abilities to aid him in battles.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Swordcery: Prologue is a simplified roguelike action game and part role-playing game.
  • The game features randomly generated locations every time you play, adding a new level of challenge and excitement.
  • Battles in Swordcery: Prologue take place in real-time, with an emphasis on close-quarters combat, adding an element of intensity to the gameplay.
  • As protagonist Colt, players can run in different directions, perform jumps, and execute rolls to escape enemies and obstacles.
  • During combat, players can perform light and heavy attacks, as well as charged strikes, with the list of combat moves depending on the weapon used.
  • The game features a variety of weapons, including one-handed and two-handed blades of various sizes, doubled swords, and exotic weapons like the katana.
  • Each weapon in Swordcery: Prologue affects the tempo of combat and offers different attack options, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.
  • Players must learn enemy patterns to successfully combat them, with the number of swords and upgrades available increasing as the game progresses.
  • In addition to swords, players can acquire relics throughout the game, which provide active and passive abilities to improve their skills and combat prowess.
  • Swordcery: Prologue also features elemental attacks, allowing players to wield weapons capable of unleashing lightning, ice, fire, and other special abilities.

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Swordcery: Main logo of the Prologue

Size: 240.67 MB. Version: version 1.0.0 [New Version]

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