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Publication: 2018
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads at 2.5 GHz or similar
Graphic: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent – ​​This includes most GPUs that score more than 950 points in the
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 20GB

Steam Ratings: Overwhelmingly positive (134,784) 95% of the 134,784 user ratings for this game are positive.
Execution: v65786

Your ship was wrecked in an oceanic area, and there is only one straight line in it – to the bottom. The landscapes around you are illuminated by the sun, the coral reefs shimmering beautifully under the sun as you slowly sink into the endless darkness of the world’s outer space subnautica. Exploring the vast open world allows not only to dive under the water column and look at the inhabitants of this ocean, but also to create your own underwater base there and build a research center on it. In addition, the player is brought closer to the laws of the underwater world.

This classic survival adventure tells the story of an explorer sailing on a shipwreck. We escaped in a special capsule, so now our main goal is survival in a new location. Immediately open to us such important objects as water, food, oxygen, for which there is a race in the underwater world.

The player must gather materials to craft improvised items on the first levels of Subnautica. Knives, tools and equipment for deep diving. In later stages of the game, blueprints for gear for full ocean depth immersion will be available.

The developers also took care of creating their own home – the base. There is a warehouse, technological devices, protection from the inhabitants of the water world. Throughout the journey, the player must discover who actually designed the levels, what is beyond the seabed, and also learn about the aquatic inhabitants who should be feared at night.

With Subnautica you can plunge into the exciting world of survival RPG, where the main attraction is the depth of the sea.

The central feature lies in the fact that the events take place on a planet that is almost completely submerged under water. The hero’s spaceship crashes into this humid environment, forcing him to don his scuba gear and embark in search of rescue. The plot elements are flexibly built into the gameplay, but the game tells about itself much more fun in the gameplay component.

Exploring the immense underwater world is full of insane beauty and tangible dangers. Given the enchanting richness of the underwater world, you must take care of food and oxygen supply and avoid painful encounters with predators. It is not for nothing that the project’s aesthetic appeal is so loudly claimed – with the support of the graphics engine and competent game design, diving into the depths of the wonderful world is filled with wonderful encounters and discoveries. A huge variety of flora and fauna is designed with the greatest love and elaboration, everything vibrates and breathes like in reality.

Subnautica is not only a visually enchanting piece, but also a fascinating simulation of an explorer of the water kingdom.

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Size: 2.96GB. Execution: v65786

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