Strlitz 2: Tango in the Pampas Download Free

Publication: 2000
Developer: Studieya krisha

Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 200MHz
Graphic: 8MB
Memory: 32MB
Execution: Complete last release

Stylitz 2: Tango in the Pampa Is a humorous side view quest with hand-drawn 2D graphics. The protagonist of this game (and the entire series) parodies the literary character Stirlitz, who conducted espionage activities in Germany for the USSR during World War II and became the hero of Soviet jokes. In the first part, the man was looking for busts of Hitler. And in the second he has to visit South America to find something else.

The events of the Shtyrlitz 2: Tango in the Pampa project begin 12 years after the end of the original storyline. The main character, due to the lack of work for the intelligence officer, changed his specialty and got a job at the Lenin Mausoleum. Once during a round he noticed that Ilyich was not wearing his famous cap. The spy approaches the old bosses and gets the opportunity to get to the bottom of the matter personally. The comedian figure learns from the informant that the witnesses saw Hermann Bormann at the airport. He goes on the trail of a possible thief, sits in a rocket and lands on another mainland.

The game consists of 6 big levels. Each of them is divided into several locations. Earlier, the franchise became famous for wild and not always logical puzzles, and this sequel was no exception. For example, in one of the episodes you have to use a fish on a tree to get resin (a deep-sea dweller gnaws the bark), make a condom from it, and then exchange this item for a tube. Reading the walkthrough or using trial and error will help solve such puzzles. Some pickups were added by the developers not to solve puzzles but to create weird situations. Further projects about Shtyrlitsa are known for a large number of vulgar humor and erotic scenes. All of that is there too. So this product is designed for an adult audience.

Strlitz 2: Tango in the Pampa Screenshots:

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Size: 800.7MB. Execution: Complete last release

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