Special Transport Simulator 2013 Download Free

Special Transport Simulator 2013 game

Share: 2013
Developer: Astragon

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 2GHz
Graphic: Geforce 6x / Radeon X1000
Memory: 2GB
Execution: Complete final release

Special transport simulator 2013 – This is a representative of games on the theme of truck transport, where the main character is a man working in Germany. You have to drive a large and heavy tractor through the vastness of Germany and visit different regions of the country. The player has to take the position of a truck driver, who is interrupted by orders from local firms and companies to deliver this or that cargo. You have to transport necessary goods and earn money to increase your financial well-being.

Through long and high-quality work in Special Transport Simulator 2013, the protagonist will begin to increase his reputation among customers and move on to more promising tasks. By taking on responsible tasks and completing them on time, the character grows as a person and develops further in the harsh environment of the freight forwarding industry. When driving through a large number of places and roads that are located on the territory of the German state. Choose from a variety of vehicles to drive, allowing you to customize your truck to suit your style and driving style.

The player’s main task is to develop and improve his driving skills to handle deliveries quickly and without damaging items. The load to be transported includes both robust and fragile items that can be damaged by the slightest collision or poor driving. If you fail missions, the character will lose respect among colleagues and receive fines.

Special Screenshots of Transport Simulator 2013:

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Size: 1GB. Execution: Complete final release

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