Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Reboot Download Free

Publication: 2006
Developer: Elemental Games

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 256MB
Storage: 1.3GB
Execution: Complete last release

Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Reloaded combines several genres. This is an RPG, turn-based and real-time strategy, action, arcade, text-based quest. The twist tells the story of the Galactic Commonwealth that died in the XXXIV. Century fought against aggressive intelligent robots. The action takes place 250 years after the end of the story of the last part.

Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators Reboot can be played as one of 5 races:

  • Humans are good diplomats and politicians, and they are also good at business and economics;
  • The malocs are of low intelligence and have no patience for luxury, but they love combat;
  • The Gaalians are ancient three-eyed aliens who excel in art and philosophy;
  • Fayans are science-loving violet hermaphrodites with advanced technology;
  • Pelengi – four-armed amphibians who love espionage, piracy and other criminal activities.

The player customizes his character, grabs his first ship and gets full freedom of action. He can roam freely through the open world in turn-based mode, collecting minerals, buying and reselling goods, fighting with Dominators or Bandits, becoming a pirate, and running and running errands. You can land on planets and stations, acquire, upgrade and replace equipment, send probes to uninhabited celestial bodies, search for artifacts, pump up the hero. The gameplay is varied. Some quests turn camping games into RTS where you have to build bases and stamp units. And if you get into a black hole, the project briefly becomes an arena shooter with a view from above. There are missions in the spirit of early adventures that require you to read text descriptions and choose lines or actions.

Here’s the re-release that includes not only the sequel but also the original. It improves the second part. It has new quests (20 units), minigames, modes, maps (27 pieces), hull types, equipment. An improved version increases the holds in starships and adds treasure maps to some pirates. And it expands the game possibilities, allowing you to disguise yourself as a dominance, deposit money in banks with interest, and invest finances in the development of space bases.

Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Reboot Screenshots:

Download Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Reboot for free on PC

Size: 2.31GB. Execution: Complete last release

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