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Release: 2020
Developer: Barracuda Catastrophe

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.20 GH
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 7 GB

Steam review:
Positive (17)
82% of the 17 user reviews on this game are positive.
Version: Latest full version

Game Overview

Solar Panic: Utter Distress is a game that could appeal to fans of dark and absurd humor, trash and madness. The main character, Darwood Champney, works as a space mercenary and secret agent, tasked with tracking down a spy who has infiltrated the organization. The game's story is presented in a very surreal and non-linear manner.

In this first-person absurd walking simulator, players primarily walk around locations and interact with NPCs. There are no dialogue choices and conversations with characters are brief. Players can also collect origami birds scattered throughout the levels and complete shooting episodes in which the protagonist uses a ketchup-loaded shotgun.

The hero has two partners: a compass named Mr. Constantine and a dog named Bob. Mr. Constantine provides direction and mission objectives, while Bob reads the general briefings. Players can also check the quest log, but will hear malicious comments every time they do so. The gameplay consists of exploring the area, observing funny and strange situations, and sometimes participating in them. Players can also freely explore the current area or move on to the next location as they progress through the story.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Unique and Absurd Scenario: Solar Panic: Utter Distress features a unique and absurd storyline that might appeal to fans of dark and absurd humor. The game follows the main character, Darwood Champney, a space mercenary and secret agent, as he embarks on a mission to track down a spy who has infiltrated the organization.
  • Surreal Narrative: The game's narrative and everything that happens in the game is presented in a very surreal manner, adding an element of unpredictability and weirdness to the gaming experience.
  • First-Person Walking Simulator: Solar Panic: Utter Distress is a first-person absurd walking simulator that allows players to explore various locations and interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) throughout the game.
  • Unique Characters: The game features unique characters, including the protagonist's partners Mr. Constantine, a compass who shows direction and expresses mission objectives, and Bob, the protagonist's dog who reads general briefings.
  • Exploration and Interactions: Players can explore the game's environments and interact with NPCs, observe funny and strange situations and sometimes participate in them themselves.
  • Item collection and application: Origami birds are scattered throughout the levels, which players can collect at will. Additionally, the protagonist can be asked to find certain items and apply them to specific locations, thus adding a puzzle-solving element to the gameplay.
  • Shooting Episodes: The game also includes shooting episodes in which the protagonist must use a ketchup-loaded shotgun to shoot passersby, adding a unique and unexpected twist to the gaming experience.
  • Malicious Comments: Players can check the quest log and, each time, they will hear malicious comments, adding a humorous and unexpected element to the game mechanics.
  • Non-Linear Gameplay: Solar Panic: Utter Distress features non-linear gameplay, allowing players to progress through the story at their own pace and explore the current area or move on to the next location as they see fit.
  • Quirky and Humorous Elements: The game is full of quirky and humorous elements, making it an entertaining and quirky gaming experience for those who enjoy storytelling and unconventional game mechanics.

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