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Publication: 2017
Developer: Monomi Park

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: 2.2GHz dual core
Graphic: 512MB video memory
Memory: 3.5GB
Storage: 1GB

Steam Ratings: Overwhelmingly positive (53,397) 97% of the 53,397 user reviews for this game are positive.
Execution: v 1.4.3 + Multiplayer | Early Access

Funny open-world first-person shooter – slime grower Is a mix of genres in one tricky picture the developers named – Boundless Outland. We dive into a special test environment. Our hero’s name is Beatrix LeBeau and he is a farmer. Armed with courage, madness and a funny vacuum cleaner, he decides to stay on the planet Infinite Outland because a certain Hobson Twillgers left us his farm.

Earth is thousands of light years away, so we can’t go back. The hero decides to put the farm in order and start growing crops, but the game does not imply such a simple development. For example, we will do many slime-related tasks every day. These are small creatures that you will collect throughout the game. The protagonist then plans to make a fortune by stuffing his vacuum cleaner with a backpack attached to it.

Besides collecting slimes, we will explore the open world of BZ, collect resources, grow a new crop and improve the farm around us. Also, other farmers will keep various pets around us who will want to buy slimes or other resources from you. The more you satisfy their needs, the more rewards you will get, for which you can buy many in-game items.

• Earn money and expand your farm. Upgrade your vacuum cleaner to become a true farm lord in Slime Rancher!

• Resources obtained on the farm near the house can be used in various combinations in the Slimonauk window: crafting items, decorating the house, creating decor;

• Treasures, secrets, an interesting open world, fun graphics, simple gameplay and role-playing quest system – why not try it all in the new Slime game?

There are three modes available in the game: Adventure, Carefree and Race. The more slimes you breed, the more types you get..

Slimes themselves are divided into 4 types:

1. Ordinary. Cross easily; 2. Large. These are hybrid slimes that produce 2 plorts slimes and if you feed them your favorite food they will produce 4 plorts; 3. Pride. Huge slimes that are completely motionless. Most often they consist of 10 regular slimes. To remove it from the spot, you need to blow it up by feeding it your favorite food. Inside are a lot of good items and a teleporter; 4. Varrs. The only aggressive creatures in the game. They turn black and immediately start taking hostile actions against you after Largo eats the alien Plort.

Slime Rancher Screenshots:

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Slime Rancher logo

Size: 509.20MB. Execution: v 1.4.3 + Multiplayer | Early Access

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