Silent Hill 2: Directors Cut (New Edition: Enhanced Edition) Download Free

Publication: 2001
Developer: team is silent

Operating system: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: AMD Duron 700+ / Intel Pentium 3 700MHz
Graphic: nVidia GeForce 2MX / ATI Radeon 8xxx
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 4GB
Execution: Version 1.0 [New Version]

Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut (Reissue: Enhanced Edition) – Horror adventure sequel whose plot has nothing to do with the original game. Silent Hill 2 is a third-person supervival horror thriller. Available mechanisms for exploring a semi-open world, fighting monsters and solving puzzles of varying difficulty. The level of the puzzles depends on the chosen difficulty. Some puzzles are randomly generated.

The protagonist, James Sunderland, arrives in the town of Quiet Hill to find his wife. The thing is, she died three years ago. However, the protagonist receives a letter from his late wife, stating that she is waiting for him in her “special place”. The hero uses a variety of melee and ranged weapons. These are knife, whistle, pistol, shotgun, rifle, etc.д. A flashlight is available to light up a small area in the dark and a broken radio to warn you of approaching monsters. You have to read a lot of diaries and various notes.

Depending on the play style, the ending changes. Some plots, sometimes not even the most obvious ones, have a direct impact on how James’ story ends. He meets a girl named Maria who looks a lot like his dead wife Mary. The supporting characters in Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut (New Edition: Enhanced Edition) are Angela Orozco, Eddie Dombrowski and the little girl Laura. The main antagonist is the immortal Pyramidhead, who appears from time to time and pursues the hero.

James can kill fallen enemies with his legs. Health must be replenished using first aid kits and special ampoules. It takes up to 6 hours real time to complete the story. At the end of the game, a custom rating will be displayed depending on your playstyle. Also unlocks bonus weapons like the Great Pyramid Head Knife, Chainsaw, and Hyperspray. The director’s version includes an additional script for Maria.

Silent Hill 2: Directors Cut (New Edition: Enhanced Edition) Screenshots:

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Size: 7GB. Execution: Version 1.0 [New Version]

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