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Publication: 2019
Developer: By software

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 | AMD FX-6300
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 | AMD Radeon HD7950
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 25GB

Steam Ratings: Very positive (62,975) 93% of the 62,975 user ratings for this game are positive.
Execution: v 1.06 – GotY Edition

Third-person stealth action game combines RPG features and Souls games. The well-designed graphics of feudal Japan allow us to immerse ourselves in the difficult process of the return of our master of the Ashina clan. The leader of the opposition – Genichiro – kidnapped a samurai from Shinobi, and now we have to deal with a large number of his followers in order to save a teacher, master, master and a good friend who paid us well in a previous life. Sekiro: Shadows die twice Is an incredibly difficult action game in which feudal Japan looks dark, fiery and beautiful at the same time.

We have a character named Wolf. All his life he was a warrior with a bone hand, and his secondary weapons were a sword and a rope with a hook. The whole game is based on the idea of ​​attack, not defense. Every time we face enemies we have to subtly kill them with our sword, pull with a rope with a hook, use unique skills and all this in a perfectly drawn world!

The plot is revealed in more detail before us after several cutscenes. The Sengoku period is over. One of the warlords – Isshin Ashina – conquers the land of Ashina (another character) and makes a revolution in the history of Japan. Our character in this period is taken by one of the representatives of the wandering shinobi – the owl, which gives us the name – wolf.

Next we see that the Ashina clan is weakening. Opponents from all sides are ready to take his place. Isshin loses her powers. Isshin’s grandson finds strength and captures the only divine heir – Kuro. His blood contains the “Dragon’s Legacy”.

Skilled in all aspects of combat, the wolf is Kuro’s bodyguard, but he cannot deal with the vast army and its leader, Genichiro. From here begins our journey, which will end either with the formation of the deity in the person of Isshin, or with Japan’s return to the usual modernized system.

We’ll be able to improve our character’s skills after each battle. Each battle allows us to pump up the character, make his equipment more powerful and also fully master the skill tree. The fights take place exclusively with the katana. Opponents have no health, but can be weakened by reducing concentration, which according to our reflection of hits decreases. We kill the enemy unfocused in one hit.

Our concentration dwindles after missed or delivered shots. If the “Concentration” scale is empty, we can die from a hit from the strongest enemy.

Also in the game there are shuriken, grappling hooks and all the techniques of a real ninja. An additional opportunity was that we will be able to kill enemies by sneaking up on them from behind. There is always a “Vigilance” meter above the enemy’s head, which when filled reveals your location.

Screenshots of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:

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Size: 11.4GB. Execution: v 1.06 – GotY Edition

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