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How to Play Salaam game mobile version

“Salaam” – the Arabic word for peace – is a game in which you must destroy symbols of war in order to promote peace.

You play the game by tapping the screen and waiting for your heart of peace to grow. When it is large enough, pop it to destroy the war symbols that drop from the sky, and the hate that comes from the side. While it pops, the heart releases a shock wave with the word “peace” in the middle and destroys the war and hate symbols

Salaam Game 2nd Version

We are currently developing and finishing the second version of salaam game. coming soon!

Peaceful village scene with people enjoying their daily lives when all of a sudden warriors and soldiers abruptly arrive with guns destroying homes and attacking the families. The result is famine due to the lack of access to food and clean water. The role of the player is to protect the people from being killed and protect the communities from being destroyed as well as ensuring their mere survival.

warior and women