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RTL Racing Team Manager game

Share: 2009
Developer: RTL games

Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz
Graphic: 128MB
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 456MB
Execution: v1.00

As you can see from the name, in RTL Racing team manager The user is assigned the role of manager of a racing team participating in the regular season. Here he can control all processes running in the team and make adjustments to certain processes if necessary. We are talking about “Formula 1” competitions and there are several teams from different camps to choose from (Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren and others) and everyone can choose what they like best.

The RTL Racing team manager makes it clear that management projects cannot be easy. This is mainly because users need to control several important processes at the same time. The selection of performers and the conclusion of contracts, the search for sponsors, cost control, testing of new cars and other tasks should be carried out in a timely manner so that the team develops in the right direction and does not lose its position in the industry rankings. In addition, thanks to the convenient main menu, where a special window is assigned to each section. For example, you can immediately see the personal composition of the team (technical manager, marketing manager, chief engineer and others) as well as their nationalities. In addition, by clicking on individual parts, you can see their cost as well as their effectiveness for a particular car. And when the set is assembled, you can do a test and take part in the next race. In this case, the system determines the complexity of the sport in advance, depending on the route. If necessary, you can change drivers and give new talents the chance to prove themselves in important races.

Screenshots of the RTL Racing Team Manager:

Download RTL Racing Team Manager on PC for free

Size: 111.4MB. Execution: v1.00

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