Reaper – Tale of a Pale Swordsman Download Free

Share: 2014
Developer: hexagon

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 200MB
Steam Ratings: Mostly positive (245) 76% of the 245 user reviews for this game are positive.
Execution: v1.3.7.108

Reaper – The Tale of a Pale Swordsman Is a mixture of action, platforming and role-playing. The main character earns his living as a mercenary. He travels across the world map between points of interest, communicates with NPCs, accepts quests from them. And then he goes off to fight the monsters and clear their burrows.

Reaper: The Tale of the Pale Swordsman has been ported from smartphones to PC. The computer version has an additional survival mode and an arena where you can test your fighting skills. Events unfold in a world where knights and demons coexist with helicopters. The denizens of the Empire reached unknown lands and began mining resources that bestow magic on the surroundings. The local tribes did not like this, and the parties had a conflict. The project is nonlinear. You can choose lines in dialogues and decide which faction you want to help in this war. There is also a reputation system. If you charge double payments for your services, the relationship with a particular customer can deteriorate. Additionally, the title sometimes offers a moral choice.

The battle takes place in real time and the fights take place in arena locations. The hero has a large arsenal of strikes with various animations. With the accumulation of a sufficient amount of Rage, it becomes possible to perform particularly powerful attacks. In case of death, the warrior will quickly revive with a minimum of HP. The protagonist only fights with swords, but they can be switched. New blades and armor are displayed visually on the character model. Equipment is bought in stores for money. Currency is given as a reward for killing monsters and completing tasks. You can throw enemies into the pits, but then no gold will be given for eliminating them. When destroying enemies, the fighter gains experience. With an increase in level, he is allowed to pump damage, strength and health, as well as take a new passive skill.

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Size: 122.2MB. Execution: v1.3.7.108

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