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Rampage Knights game

Share: 2015
Developer: Rake in the grass

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1GHz
Graphic: OpenGL 2.1
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 150MB
Steam reviews:
Very positive

93% 1,933 positive reviews.
Execution: v1.9 [New Version]

hero Rampage Knights He finds himself in an enchanted forest, from which he emerges through an old castle with many monsters – skeletons, goblins. In a hardcore arcade action game with RPG elements, levels are randomly generated. The player explores the dungeons beneath the destroyed building and fights enemies using weapons and spells.

Available Hero Classes:

  • Pirate – wields a cannon and carries a parrot.
  • A magician – has extensive knowledge of various spells.
  • Blacksmith – can summon demons to help him.
  • Barbarian – characterized by strength and possession of a huge sword.
  • Adventurer – a balance of all parameters.
  • The assassin who can eliminate her enemies with a single blow.

At the start you can select the character’s class, with the user choosing their appearance and gender. This affects the gameplay, where the player chooses how to play – sending summoned demons into battle, cracking down, hiding on high ground to shoot enemies from a distance.

During his exploration, the protagonist finds valuable artifacts, weapons and equipment in chests located on different levels. Progression occurs gradually and over time the user finds better and better items, improves the mentee’s skills and changes his appearance. Some items have both negative and positive properties, for example, the damage caused by the poison added to the weapon, which the protagonist can receive when moving between levels. As the user progresses through randomly generated levels, he will encounter powerful and weak enemies. Achievements give bonuses in the form of individual performance increases – damage, a new hero class.

To pass the game, you can choose the story mode, where the story begins and a meeting with the boss is expected in the finale. In endless mode, passing lasts until the protagonist dies. There is a standard mode in which the hero receives new weapons and equipment in each level. Can be played with two people on a local network or on a computer.

Rampage Knights Screenshots:

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Rampage Knights main logo

Size: 125MB. Execution: v1.9 [New Version]

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