Projekt: Passion

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Download the project: Passion

Release: 2022
Developer: Lemon Chic

Operating system: 7/8/10
Processor: 2 GHz – Dual Core
Memory: 5 GB

Game version: v0.7 [New Version]

Game Overview

Projekt: Passion is a visual novel set in a science fiction world. In this futuristic setting, the main character enjoys life on a recently colonized planet, forming relationships with human girls and other races without any worries or problems.

However, everything changes when Projekt: Passion is attacked by unknown assailants. Not only do they cause chaos and steal items, but they also knock out the main character. After waking up, he realizes that a beautiful woman he spent the night with has disappeared, and he is determined to avenge the attack and save her from kidnappers.

The novel features a fast-paced story with the main character facing dangerous and humorous situations. Gameplay focuses on dialogue, requiring effort to navigate through events. The game's colorful images depict detailed female characters and pornographic scenes.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Interactive Storytelling: Projekt: Passion offers an immersive and interactive storytelling experience, allowing players to make choices that directly impact the outcome of the game.
  • Sci-Fi Setting: Set in a futuristic world where humanity has colonized multiple planets and galaxies, players will explore a visually stunning sci-fi universe.
  • Romantic Relationships: The game features the protagonist engaging in romantic and sexual relationships with human girls and representatives of other races, adding depth to the storyline.
  • Action-Packed Plot: As the protagonist's world is turned upside down by unknown attackers, players will navigate through a fast-paced story, filled with danger and excitement.
  • Diverse Characters: Players will encounter a diverse group of characters, each with their own personality and backgrounds, adding depth to the game's narrative.
  • Decision Making: Players will be faced with difficult decisions throughout the game, requiring them to think critically and strategically to progress through the storyline.
  • Stunning Visuals: Projekt: Passion features colorful and detailed visuals, bringing the game's world and characters to life in a visually captivating way.
  • Engaging Dialogues: The game relies on engaging dialogues as a main element of gameplay, requiring players to invest effort in conversations to navigate various situations.
  • Adult Content: The game includes well-detailed pornographic scenes, adding an adult-oriented aspect to the gaming experience.
  • Vengeance Plot: As the protagonist seeks to avenge the raid and save the beautiful priestess from the love of her captors, players will immerse themselves in a thrilling revenge plot.

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Size: 4.24 GB. Game version: v0.7 [New Version]