eFootball PES 2020 Game Secrets, Tips and Tricks

Konami’s new eFootball PES 2020 game includes a host of new gameplay changes and innovations, as we mentioned in our review of the game, including improved ball capture techniques, the new Finesse Dribble dribble system, as well as improved ball physics and movement when passing and shooting.

If you are a new player or a pro but are struggling to access new features, here we provide some basic tips to help new players and some things that pros who used to set certain buttons in previous games might overlook.

The buttons used in this article follow the PS4 version control system.


The new game finesse dribble manoeuvring system

At the outset, I want to talk about the method of the new finesse Dribble manoeuvring system, and the most important situations in which the player needs attention, in addition to talking about the most important mistakes that the player may make while using this new method of manoeuvring.

The new manoeuvring method is suitable for one-on-one confrontations between you and one of the opponent’s players, or tight places in the defence zone from which you need to get out as quickly as possible.

The point here is that the Finesse Dribble isn’t the only thing you use to manoeuvre, and it can’t be completely relied upon to escape every situation.

You can hit R1 twice to spin backwards and manoeuvre the opponent instead of head-on, and you can combine Finesse Dribbling with other moves meaning you can manoeuvre the opponent to the right and then make a powerful lunge to the left (pressing R1 twice) using either the joystick L3 or D-Pad.

You have to remember that Finesse Dribbling happens when you touch the right R3 stick and then leave it to control the player with the L3 stick. If you are pressing the L3 and R3 buttons at the same time, this may cause you to use a special ability that you don’t want at this time. One R3 touch is enough, or two touches in the same direction, not moving it all the time.

Finesse Dribble is not a magic solution to all problems, and it cannot be used alone to bypass the opponent player, but rather combining this ability with different moves that I will touch on in the article such as Gambetta, Double Touch and Kick Faint is the perfect solution to take full advantage of the new manoeuvring system in PES 2020

How to implement new manoeuvres in PES 2020

I spoke before that attacking wisely and with patience is the best solution because the defence has become strong this year, and attacking quickly is no longer the best way, especially so that the players do not feel tired in the first half without any benefit. Good manoeuvring and accurate passing is the most important thing you need to learn before you learn how to shoot goals.

Konami has changed the way we used to perform manoeuvring moves with the R3 right-hand joystick and made pressing R2 mandatory with every manoeuvre that must be done, whether it’s Body Feint or Scissor Skills. Any physical manoeuvring movement, in general, requires pressing R2 while moving the left and right arms in the desired direction.

I’m talking about doing specific movements here and not a simple manoeuvre, so we have to keep pressing the right joystick and not move it with a simple touch as I mentioned earlier. I also said in the review that the team members are more supportive of you now than before and that allows more chances for powerful passes and shots after any manoeuvre.

Any ability other than Body Feint manoeuvres such as Double Touch, McGee Spin, In and out and other abilities we use often has not changed in the way it is used from the previous year. You can also set the Auto-Faint feature from the settings menu to make it easier for you.

Remember that making an inappropriate manoeuvre isn’t the end of the day, you can stop any move you think is wrong with the Super Cancel ability, which is done by pressing two buttons R1, and R2 together.

Important Special Skills in eFootball PES 2020

Trick Trap

The first new skill that the game adds is Trick Trap, which differs from Trap Faint in that it allows you to catch the ball by aiming the ball at your far foot and away from the defender stuck behind you.

This method can be used to catch the ball by pressing R2 and pointing the right joystick in the desired direction. You can then press R1 to make a quick lunge or swipe depending on the situation.

Trap Faint makes you completely let the ball pass through your feet, and then you follow it to get it. This means a difference in the way it works in that you stop moving completely and don’t touch anything other than the R2 button to perform the manoeuvre.



There is also the ability of Knock-On Touch which allows you to catch the ball and escape with it from the siege of the defence in the direction you want instantly and quickly. This method of capture can be easily performed by pressing R1 and moving in the direction of the pass.

It is worth noting that all of these movements can be combined with Finesse Dribble to create your own style depending on the situation and the way you form the team.

Team formation tips

It’s not much different from the previous year, and the game does a great job of explaining how each deck works and the situation in which that deck works best.

I advise only novice players to turn on the Switch Preset Tactics feature before starting a match as it allows you to have three decks that can be switched at any time during the match by pressing the D-Pad arrows.

Of course, you can adjust the formation and the positions of the players as you like, but you have to pay attention to the places where each player can work and not put the left-winger on the far right and so on.

You should also pay attention to the players’ chemistry, injuries, how tired they feel during the match, and some nitty-gritty details like their height and the abilities they use so as not to ask a player to the header when they can’t.

There are some advanced instructions that you can find under Advanced Instructions such as Attacking Full-Backs and Deep Defensive Line, and new instructions such as Anchoring to prevent the player from moving out of formation.

These instructions can be customized after getting used to each team’s work style, the player should know that each team comes with their own instructions and it will be very helpful to get to know them before they start playing.

As I mentioned in the review, the player needs to read the opponent, and then make the appropriate adjustments as he sees fit. If the opponent has a strong attack, you can probably increase the Compactness index in the defensive zone to increase the throttle on them, and vice versa if the opponent excels at attacking from the edges of the field.

It is worth noting that the game includes the ability of Fluid Formations, which makes changing the formation automatically depending on the situation. If you have both offensive and defensive formations, and you get the ball and then start attacking, you’ll see the team line-up has changed to fit the new ball position.

Bonus GP Points in MyClub

In PES 2020 the player gets a daily bonus once they log in, it can be 1500 GP, 30 coins, or 12 Stamina Recovery items.

The first victory of the day gives you a bonus of 3000 GP, which means that winning one match on a daily basis earns you at least four thousand points.

I mentioned before that these points are absolutely not enough to do anything in the game, so a different method was devised to get more points with less effort.

First, you have to make a team with a cheap coach, 11 white balls, and a stacked Bench. The idea here is to have a five-star team because of the crippled players, and then you turn off automatic substitutions so you don’t have to pay for contract renewals.

This will result in you losing almost every game since the white balls will face a black ball, but every 15 minutes you get 1320 GP.

After each match, the player receives a Scout, and after ten matches if you don’t renew the players’ contracts they will turn into coaches, then you can assign ten new players and repeat the same method.

I know this method is not fun, but it gives you a lot of points with less effort and gives you a large number of players to later turn into EXP Trainers. Using the cheapest trainer, of course, helps in increasing the expected profit.

PES Weekly League is another nice way to earn some points – you can earn points from 7.000 GP to 25,000 GP per week in low division matches if you are in good shape at the end of the week.

Some other notes in MyClub

  • Managers initially need coins to unlock them, but over time they can be purchased with GP points. The player needs to play 400 matches to be able to unlock all the managers in the system.
  • First try the First Trial Online Challenge Cup, where each of the five matches gives you ten thousand points as an initial payment.
  • If you’re playing a ranked match, you can turn off Match Data from Settings to make the match faster.
  • Getting additional experience points for each player depends on scoring goals. If you want to train defenders, consider putting them on the front lines for a while to get extra points.
  • Provide professional players for important matches only.
  • Lock your favourite players from the Lock feature so you don’t accidentally turn them into coaches.
  • To preserve Stamina Recovery items, you can switch to a COM player match between every three matches.
  • Don’t forget to focus on Player Form and keep only A-Form and B-form players.
  • last word
  • That’s pretty much it, I didn’t go into shooting because it becomes easier after taking care of all the other details that are there like manoeuvring, defending, coordinating the formations and taking care of the condition of the players. Just remember that you can shoot manually by pressing the L2 button and moving the camera in the direction you want.

eFootball PES 2020 is a really different game this year, and I hope players will enjoy all the new changes to the game, which we believe is a good step forward and can lead the series into a better future.


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