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Publication: 2022
Developer: Alexander Gromyko

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 4 core
Graphic: GTX760
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 2GB
Game version: Complete last release

The atmosphere in PANELKI is created by the environment, which consists of paneled high-rise buildings in the form of an endless Siberian city. Players must immerse themselves in the wintertime permafrost where they must explore the open world. The game is an immersive romp where the focus is on creating a post-Soviet drab atmosphere. Players can take control of a utility worker looking to earn money to get out of the northern region and act as a jack of all trades. Players in PANELKY can try themselves as a utility worker who is forced to perform his duties.

Stroll through the first-person perspective and run errands for management. The map consists of randomly generated infrastructure such as roads, houses, playgrounds, garages, schools, etc. The settlement is called Sibrain, where each panel house is procedurally built with unique exterior and interior differences. As you pass, you can use a shovel to interact with your surroundings: digging snow drifts in doorways, cleaning roofs, or building snow towers.

The game features a dynamic alternation of day and night, as well as different weather conditions (from a heavy blizzard to a light snowfall). The protagonist freezes outside, forcing him to periodically warm up inside buildings. In the basements you will find shovels, intercom keys, lightbulbs, lanterns, a carrot for the snowman and other items that will help you complete quests. Players can also use the camera to create the shots they want and turn on the heating in multi-story buildings.

PANELKI screenshots:

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Size: 1.15GB. Game version: Complete last release

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