Once Upon A Crime In The West Download Free

Share: 2019
Developer: National uncertainties

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.5GHz
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 570 GTX
Storage: 4GB
Execution: Version 1.5

Once upon a time there was a crime in the West Is a first-person adventure game. The indie project has an unusual visual style. All characters are drawn in the same color. For example: one person is colored completely blue, the other is colored completely yellow, including the skin, etc. There is also an unusual animation: the NPCs move like wound-up toys or animatronics. The project is small and takes about an hour. You cannot be saved in it.

Once Upon A Crime In The West takes place in the Wild West. The plot combines comedy, western, crime drama and even a Christmas Carol. A mass murder took place in an inn in the middle of the mountains on the road between the old and new towns. When the hero gets there, he sees a mountain of corpses and a bartender. This man was the only one who survived the massacre. At the same time, he hardly remembers the incident himself. An employee of the institution asks the protagonist to help him figure everything out.

The game allows you to go back 12 days and restore the entire picture. It all started with the assassination of the local sheriff. After that, various strangers began to gather at the mountain hotel. The user has the ability to rewind short scenes and view them in any order. When a player jumps in time, he’s not just watching the action from the sidelines. The user is always engaged in some activity and acts as a witness. For example, in one scene he’s playing the piano and in another he’s sweeping the floors, cases of other people’s conversations.

Once Upon a Crime in the West Screenshots:

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Size: 876.1MB. Execution: Version 1.5

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